Thursday, September 27, 2012

PHOTOS: Cher On The Set Of Georgia Holt's Television Special Plus "Fake Mysterious Faces"

Legendary songstress Cher has treated us all to five brand new photographs of herself, mother Georgia and sister Georganne!

If you follow Cher's tweets, you'll have seen her mention numerous times the upcoming May 2013 Mother's Day television special centered around her 86-year-old mother Georgia Holt. In fact, the star tweeted just days ago at how filming was taking place for the special, which also features Cher and sister Georganne LaPiere.

On the social networking site, she wrote, "Hello lovelies! The second day of shooting Mom's special. Yesterday - many interviews and photo shoots with the whole family until 10P.M. Today is more of the same"

Monday, September 24, 2012

Cher On Ella Henderson's X Factor Performance of 'Believe': Tears Came To My Eyes!

Cher herself has commented on the sensational performance of 'Believe' by 16-year-old 'X Factor' singer Ella Henderson.

The name Ella Henderson may not mean anything yet to those living outside the United Kingdom but for the 9 million people that tuned into last night's UK 'X Factor', they know that it's the 16-year-old girl who performed a stunning ballad-version of Cher's 1998 chart-topper 'Believe'.

Henderson, who sang a self-penned song in the audition stage of X Factor, stated pre-performance during last night's Boot Camp stage, "Today, instead of doing a song that I'd normally just go for and be like, 'Yeah, I can do that', I wanted to challenge myself a bit more and pick a song that was completely out of the box and out of my comfort zone."

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cher at 'The Heroes Project' Fundraiser At Santa Monica Pier


Brenton Garen of 'Santa Monica Mirror' reports that Cher showed up to the Santa Monica Pier to participate in 'The Heroes Project' fundraiser on Tuesday night.

In the photo above, taken by Jason Willheim, the legendary recording artist is pictured with friend Tim Medvetz - founder of the project.

More Photos Of Cher At The Pantages Theatre

Thanks to 'Radar Online, we can take a look at even more photographs of Cher at the Los Angeles premiere of Matt Parker and Trey Stones' musical 'The Book of Mormon', at The Pantages Theatre.

These snapshots show Cher strolling along, meeting fans and signing autographs after she had watched the award-winning show.

PHOTOS: Cher at The Pantages Theatre

Cher at The Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles in September 2012
Cher posed for photographers as she attended a musical at The Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles.

It turns out that Cher's "fab night" out was at The Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles to watch the musical 'The Book of Mormon'. In these photos, we get to see Cher's entire outfit during her attendence of the award-winning musical - which was written by South Park's Matt Parker and Trey Stone.

The 66-year-old songstress, well-known for her flamboyant fashion style, was sporting a pair of black leggings, fishnet stockings, large earings and an eye-catching purple Philip Treacy hat.

More Twitter Photo Uploads From Cher

On her way to a "fab night", Cher took a few - blurry - photos of herself in the back of her car.

Luckily for fans, due to Cher's use of social networking site Twitter, she can upload photographs of herself any time she wants to her legion of followers. Hours ago, she tweeted some of herself riding along to a night out.

Two of the photographs show Cher from her neck-upwards, whilst a third shows her from her bust-upwards. Smiling in all three - with a huge grin in the third - the snaps do not reveal much about what the 'Beleive' singer was wearing to her "fab night" ahead. However, we do get to see that she was sporting, as she almost-always does lately, her natural long black hair.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review: Cher's 'The Triple Album Collection'

It's clear that Cher has a new album coming out soon as her record label have decided to release a brand new set of CDs which compile Cher's last three studio albums into one handy package, titled 'The Triple Album Collection'.

Containing some of her best-known hits such as 'Walking In Memphis', 'One By One', 'Believe', 'All Or Nothing', 'Strong Enough' and 'Song For The Lonely', the Warner Music release showcases Cher's album's 'It's A Man's World', 'Believe' and 'Living Proof' on three CDs.

As expected, the collection starts with her 1995 album 'It's A Man's World'. Luckily, it is the European version of the album which means more tracks.

Behind The Scenes: 'If I Could Turn Back Time' Music Video

Cher in her 'If I Could Turn back Time' music video
We hear from one man who was present during the filming of Cher's iconic 'If I Could Turn Back Time' music video.

Just a few days ago, Cher tweeted that she was on the search for a director for the music video to her upcoming single - the name of which has yet-to-be-revealed. It will be her first music video since 2002's 'Song For The Lonely'.

On the social networking site, she said, "Starting to look for directors for first video. It's Been a long time, I forgot all the work that needs to be done! I hope Its good! I think the song is my best single since 'Believe'. You'll tell me".

Monday, September 10, 2012

Turn Back Time: Cher Shares Childhood Photos

Cher has posted several photos from her childhood onto Twitter.

Surely, every fan of 66-year-old superstar Cher enjoys viewing childhood photos of the 'Believe' hit-maker. Luckily, she posted several of them onto Twitter - with just a few words to recognize what's what.

"Mom and Dad"

Cher's Press Rep: "Get Ready" For Cher's New Album

Fellow Cher site 'CherWorld' has posted brief words from Cher's long-time press rep Liz Rosenberg about Cher's new album - which begins with "Get ready".

While it seems strange to many that Cher's 'people' - such as her record company - have not yet spoken at all about Cher's upcoming music releases, which Cher states will begin next month with the release of a new single, its hopeful that the ball may get rolling now that her press rep Liz Rosenberg had these brief-but-promising-words to say:

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Is Cher's New Album Going To Have Some Old Time Rock & Roll?

Cher is to pick an "old hit" to record on her new album.

Cher is no stranger to reviving an old hit song by somebody else and turning it into her own classic - 'The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)', 'Love Hurts' and 'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore' are such examples - so it isn't hugely surprising that her record company is insisting on Cher doing the same again.

Cher revealed that her record company have asked her to "sing an old hit" for her new album. On Twitter, she wrote, "My record company wants me to sing an old hit! I'd like to do a song by a guy (like Bruce Springsteen) but a great song by a woman is wonderful!"

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Cher To Perform Two New Songs On New Tour?

Cher in concert
Cher has been speaking of touring once more!

I'm sure most of you will remember that Cher initially planned her new tour tour to start in September 2012 – yes, this month. Unfortunately, a foot injury - perhaps amongst other things – led her to postpone the tour's debut until who-knows-when.

Now, the pop icon has explained that yes, the tour will go ahead, but that it is anything other than a simple process. On Twitter, she wrote, “Yes [I will tour again] but it's not easy! Months of planning, hundreds of people, endless rehearsals! Fittings, wigs, a city on the move...”.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Will We Hear The 'Cher Effect' On Cher's New Album?

Cher in concertIn 1998, Cher's worldwide number one hit 'Believe' showcased what is generally believed to be the first example of using Auto-tune strictly for creative purposes on a commercially-available song - with it transforming Cher's vocals into almost-robotic results due to using extreme settings on the software. This, today, is known as the 'Cher Effect'.

Cher went on to use the 'Cher Effect' on several songs such as the 'The Music's No Good Without You', 'When You Walk Away' and 'A Different Kind Of Love Song' on her last album - 2001's US top ten 'Living Proof'.