Wednesday, August 22, 2012

News Round-up: Cher Talks New Album, Mother's Television Special, Vampire Song and Tim Medvetz Marriage Rumour

Cher – as always – shared a whole load of noteworthy information during a recent series of tweets!

To begin with, let's take a look at the status of Cher's upcoming album; One Twitter user (Shaneth Varosa @shanethvarosa) asked the pop Queen, “So is your album done? Or mostly done?”. Cher answered, “Eight tracks are finished”. She went on to explain that she is currently “working on one” further track, plus the album's “bonus” tracks – which are “both versions of 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me'”. Yes, you may have counted eleven tracks there but don't worry, Cher said there's “more” songs lined up for the album.

She once again made sure it's clear that the album will have a “2012 release”. For die-hard fans, this may not be the only album you'll be wanting to purchase in the near future...

Cher tweeted to her 800,000+ Twitter followers about her mother's upcoming television special.- which has been in the works for a while now, “I am sitting here reading memories of my mother's life! [American cable television channel] Bravo just started filming Mom's Day special! Elijah was interviewed first.”

Cher and her mother Giorgia Holt
She continued, “I'm writing script for film! Her and Gamma life was [like a] Greek Tragedy in Arkansas and then me, the orphanage, then Georganne. It was crazy - laughing, crying, danger, singing, danger!”. Judging by this tweet, it seems that Cher is writing a script for a film based on her mother's life although it can't be ruled out that she was saying that she's writing the script for this television special. We can only wait and see.

Cher went on to say, “Mom's 86-years-old. Television special [will air] next Mother's Day on [American cable television channel] Lifetime, her country album will be released in the same week! Cute huh?”. Yes, Cher's mother Georgia Holt will be releasing a country album in the same week as next Mother's Day (which is in May in America) so maybe it will be on that that we'll be able to hear (the whole of) that much-anticipated duet beween Georgia and Cher (see below).

Moving on, not everyone will know that Cher almost got a role in the 1994 drama horror film 'Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles' as the character Louis, so that is probably why Cher penned a track for the film. On Twitter, Cher wrote, “Beautiful vampire song that a friend and I wrote for 'Interview With The Vampire' – [my assistant] Jen loves it, brought it out, so I'm going to re-record it with today's sound! Who knows?” Let's hope she keeps us posted!

Finally, Cher fans – more than almost anyone else – know that tabloid magazine 'National Enquirer' disappointingly prints a lot of false stories about Cher. One lately made out that Cher was to marry 42-year-old ex-flame Tim Medvetz. Now, 'Cher News' wouldn't usually touch on such stories. However, many online publications ('The Sun', 'The Province', 'TwoCircles', 'Opposing Views', 'Digital Spy UK', 'BluesNews', 'AOL music' and '' are just someto name-and-shame) picked up the story as real. Thankfully, Cher denied the obviously-false “news” – and 'Cher News' is more than happy to promote it; on Twitter, she wrote, “Tim is my close friend! We love each other but not that way”


  1. Cher's mother looks Fabulous, as does Cher, I can't wait for the new album.

  2. Can't wait for the new CD! Cher is the greatest female singer in modern history!!