Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cher's New Single 'Woman's World' To Be Released In June! Album In September!

Finally! Cher's given us a release date for her new single! And Album!

Whilst at a show exhibiting the latest designs of Gareth Pugh, at the Paris Fashion week, Cher spoke to a reporter for online publication 'WWD'.

The 'Believe' singer shared that she is about to travel to the capital of England to complete her latest studio album; "I'm on my way to London to finish my album."

As well as sharing that she is yet to name the new album, the singer noted that its first single, 'Woman's World', is slated to be released in "June"!

Cher since tweeted, "I'm going to sleep, huge day tomorrow! Sorry for no tweets, I'll try harder! I went to see the most amazing fashion show - genius designer!"

When one fan wrote, "I'm 99% sure that Cher's new album will not be released in March [which a spokesperson for Cher's record label previously stated]", Cher responded, "I'm sure it won't either! The single in June, CD in September!"

Cher went on to say that the delay in the album's release is down to her record company, "Your disappointment pales in comparison to mine. My record company wants to put it out after the summer!"


  1. Finally!!! Thank God!!!! cant wait!! :P

  2. I'm sure it'll get pushed back...YET AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I don't give a damn about her new album......Cher keeps on making promises then flakes
    I am over Cher for good.

    1. Its not chers fault. Its her record compony. But I am willing to wait for the album.

  4. I personally believe Cher should not release Woman's World it premiered in November and to release it in June people will be tired of it by then.

    I think she should release a brand new single get to radio in May and get the video out for May and then do as much promo for the single.

    Cher should personally ditch her record label as they don't seem to be very good the amount of times things have changed but hey ho what has happened has happened.

  5. Cher's been on WB forever so I doubt she'll leave but yeah she needs to release a different single for May, but then again who knows cus not EVERYONE has heard WW yet. What she needs is a hot remix by a hot current producer.

  6. Finally?? are you kidding? we've been told a lot of times of different dates!!! I'm dissapointed too..still love Cher and will love her new music but it's really sad to think you're about to hear new music and then pushed back...

  7. I think Bet & Flo is supposed to shoot this spring. If Cher were to do it, she could! I would love Che to do any movie and the producers seem to really want her so perhaps June for WW is due to this! We shall see. Hey, I can hope, can't I??!!! Either way it is nice to see her having fun in Paris and Cher loves London so I am sure she will have fun in England too. Hey maybe she can hang out with Queen Elizabeth II!!!

  8. Next we'll hear: "Sorry lovelies...I never recorded anything! There is no CD."

  9. Called it. Everyone has already heard Woman's World why wait until June for an official release? That's ridiculous to me. The only thing I can think of is if the powers that be at Warner Bros. want to use the release as a boost to Georgia's TV special/album. I really just wish that Cher would stop talking about her album period until we have a date set in stone.

  10. The real problem is that by the time it is finally released it will be so old and SOUND so old that it will be pointless

  11. Cher has NADA to prove. Her 50 year career has been amazing and she will still do so much more. I agree this album has become like a joke. Albums used to have 8-10 songs. Suddenly they need 14, 15 or more. Why? Once her album is out she can relax and hopefully future albums will not be as torturous to her or us. I prefer Cher in movies so I am rooting for future movies AND albums but no having to be big albums. Most albums in the USA peak in wk 1 then fall down the charts fast. Even young acts experience this. Look at Cher LLoyd's album in the USA. It peaked in wk 1 then fell down the charts. Older acts like Cher need to record the stuff they like and us fans will buy it.

  12. I am a TRUE Cher fan, and I will wait until September 2014, 2015, and 2016 if need be. Most of the girls today would not wear what they do, if it had not been for Cher. She is an icon, a legend and will remain so, despite what some of the un-informed online may say. "Follow that, you B*TCHES!"

  13. Yes, Jason you are so right! Don't worry her album will be out this year. Warners wants to make $$$$$. Cher wants a successful album too and has worked so hard on it. We fans will LOVE it! Starting in May with her mother's special and mother's album the buzz will begin. It is nice to see Cher in Europe now having fun in Paris and soon to be in London! Just seeing Cher out is nice for me. She spends so much time at h ome in Malibu it is great seeing her out.

  14. I will happily wait for another Cher album its just I personally think Woman's World should not be released in June it should be a brand new song as I personally think the song was first played in November and to release it in June I do not think will work. I think it should be something entirely new and something she keeps quiet about and surprises fans.

  15. WOW...another delay...I don't believe in this.June 2015 maybe...I hate that releasing date-game.6 months ago she said her album is almost finished,now it's not.And what about Lady Gaga duet announced for ostober 2011?And who can believe in new tour if we all know how old she is.Her health is at the first place.New movie,new album,new tv show,new tour...some of these are gona drop out.Honestly,I think that new album will be with 12-14 songs.

  16. I think it is so foolish that albums are now expected to have 12, 13, 14, 15 or more songs. For the first 50 years of Cher's recording career albums had maybe 8 to 10 songs. Now they need 4 or 5 bonus songs. It is overkill. Most albums debut high in week 1 then fall down the chart fast. Too much time and effort has been put on this one album. Us fans will love it and it will sell 500K with no problem but no matter how great it is, it will fade fast like all albums. Because they are taking so long it gets in the way of her doing OTHER projects like a movie or anything else. The Greatest Thing with Lady Gaga was completed by both gals in July 2011 so as of July 2013 it will be 2 years old. THIS song CAN chart and this song CAN get airplay. TGT CAN get Cher a lot of notice and Gaga too. Of course I have not heard it but I bet it sounds beautiful and I bet is NOT Dance!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. From a marketing point if view I think it is a disaster. I still think WB have no clue what they are doing! And no - Womans World should not be released as a first single. It's old news then. Even as a huge fan I want to hear a different song on radio when Cher returns to airplay. Eh why bother...

  19. I'm so friggin' tired of these continued delays! I really thought she was going to release it this month. :( I'm excited that this means even more Cher musix, but come one, we don't need all the "bonus songs," the old 12-song album length is fine! And I love the Mz Poppinz mix but I don't think Woman's World is the best single for them to lead with... I'm so bummed.

  20. Cher has a 50 year career and is still relevant. I too feel a 12 song album is quite enough and if I were her manager I would have the album out now. These new songs could go on a future album. However, WBR wants all these bonus songs as tiring as it might be to us. I am frustrated too but know it will be a good album and hopefully future albums can be cut easily. NO other artist Cher’s age can get airplay. Actually CHER was the oldest artist to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. That was back in 1999. I hope Warner Bros aims her stuff at Adult Contemporary radio since AC WILL add Cher. It is POP radio that is nearly impossible for non R&B, non-rap acts. Even younger POP acts struggle at POP radio. Brittney Spears alone has hard time getting POP adds but can get added with Even Justin Beiber alone has some difficulty but had it easier with Nicki Minaj. Many urban stations do not play Justin Timberlake but will play Justin with Jay-Z. Sad but true. I bet Cher and Lady Gaga’s The Greatest Thing is gorgeous and that song will be more of a landmark song and THAT can get airplay. I bet Warner Brothers knows this!

  21. I'm not sure why everybody wants to hear this gaga-duet?! Personally I think that song is quite dull (if it is that demo on youtube?). And by now it is Gaga who needs Cher not the other way around! In Cher we trust!

  22. Thanks for all your comments Cher fans!

    I'm just going to add my two cent's worth, although I'm really not sure why, especially as my state of mind about the album contrasts with almost all of you by the looks of it. I really like Cher, obviously - her music, her movies, her personality, almost everything. But if I were to pick a genre of her music that was my least favorite, it would be her dance music, well, dance-pop music although there are some songs in her dance-pop catalogue like 'Strong Enough', 'All or Nothing' and 'When The Money's Gone' which I really like. So I haven't been as anxious for the album as most of you. My favorite music of Cher's is her pop-rock material, so her Geffen albums, 'Black Rose', some of '', 'I paralyze', etcetera! But I remember Cher hinting on Twitter that the album may have a track or two of rock music - which I'd love to hear, and I hope it's what I'm expecting, and I hope it will make the album as there's going to be something like 20 songs recorded for it eventually.

    Anyway, what's crazy - and probably pointless to point out, but it is really coincidental - is that many expected her album to be released late last year. Also something else that was expected to be released last year was (this is going to really show my age and lots more about me lol) the videogame 'Grand Theft Auto V'. Well, both Cher's album and the game were then not released late last year, and were then both expected to be released in March. Then not long before March, it was announced that 'GTAV' was going to be released in September. Then - you know where this is going - Cher announced that her album was going to be released in September. They're two things that I'm really waiting to be released and they keep getting delayed together lol

  23. I've just finished watching her Living Proof Tour again and I am SO excited for the upcoming Cher era!! Can't wait for her to be in the spotlight again :)

  24. I love Cher and i think she needs better support for the disquera and team, what they are thinking? Cher´s era is for start one unique moment in history, better than believe, this is the moment when all the world will see Cher like they never do, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, blogs magazines etc! She have 67 almost and see so young, entire world go crazy when she take the world with her music, movies, concerts etc! People around Cher wake up!!!! Contact Mtv, Vh1, make history together...

    Its Cher time and yes i want see her in Rolling Stone Cover, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Marvin, Fashion and Music magazines around the world.
    I want the best interviews, specials from tv, i want Cher in the Oscars, Superbowl, Grammys and more...

    We have so much to tell the world about Cher and i know this cd will be #1 in all the world.

    Pd I think Womans World is not the first single... Matbe Cher have a big sorprise...

    This will be amazing, work together...


  25. Dance is also my least favorite Cher music. I love Cher singing Rock or Pop or Ballards or Country-rock. Cher CAN sing!!!!! With Dance they actually sort of ruin the voice with all the tweaking. Cher does not need to be tweaked. I love watching all the great Cher stuff on You Tube!!! If any of you have clips of Cher that are NOT on You Tube and know how to put them on please do. Many of us love seeing them. It is a pleasure seeing Cher SING! That is why Adele is loved. Adele CAN sing! If Warnter Brothers puts a dance song by Cher out I will love it too but I just prefer other genres of music by her.

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