Monday, August 20, 2012

Cher Has A Title For Her New Album!

Cher has named her new album but is keeping the title under wraps.

To us fans, and the media, Cher's upcoming album - which is scheduled for release later this year - is simply known as her as-of-yet untitled 25th solo studio album.

However, the 'Moonstruck' star recently announced on social networking site Twitter that the album does indeed have a
title - though she is currently keeping it hidden from us.

When a fan asked Cher, "Do you have a name for the album?", Cher
answered, "We have the title! But I can't tell"

Of course, Cher was then bombarded with tweets from her fans asking for the title of the album.

Just like all the other important information surrounding the album, Cher is unable to dish out its title due to strict orders from her record company.


  1. im cant wait til her album comes out and she starts touring im soooo eagar p.s 13 and adore cher

  2. omg Im going to cry tears of joy!!

  3. Ya ya she very good cant wait :D