Monday, August 20, 2012

PHOTOS: Cher In Malibu Leaving Restaurant

Cher was photographed leaving Malibu's branch of 'Nobu' restaurant yesterday.

After dining with friends at the 'Nobu Malibu' restauant, Cher was snapped numerous times by paparazzi - who were eager to get photos of the perennially-glamorous songstress – as she was getting back to her car.

Cher photographed several times leaving the restaurant

Cher gets into her car

Cher attempts to hide her face from the paparazzi

Cher continues to hide her face


  1. What is that ridge under her bottom lip?

    1. Its her tongue in the inside of her bottom lip ... she does that when shes about to lick her lips :p

  2. Yeah, what is that? Has she had some surgery that has gone wrong or something?

  3. CHER LOOKS GREAT FOR (Love that women) 66 & it's BOTOX peeps under her lip. It takes a little time for swelling to go down. Will not stay. Sweeling lasts up to a few weeks. That is the ridge you are seeing under her bottom lip. Surprised you don't see the same on top. She must have only done bottom lip at this point. Bet she is getting ready 4 tour. Which means botox on top lip at least a month before she starts world tour. Still think Cher looks amazing. At 66 a little botox SO WHAT!

  4. SO NOTHING! I LOVE CHER! If I had the money for botox and surgery I'd do it too; who wants to look older? I just wanted to know.

  5. Its her tongue in the inside of her bottom lip ... she does that when shes about to lick her lips :p

  6. It's not her tongue it is the bulge from an implant. Trust me. I've been following her for many years and it's visible when she's speaking (and her tongue is in full motion).

  7. Its a implant under her bottom lip. She has collagen in her top lip and a embedded one in the bottom lip. google cher dailymail facetape and you will notice it in direct sunlight.