Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cher Is Finishing Second Pink Track - Soon Heading To New York!

Cher and Pink
Cher has been recording tracks for her new album a lot lately and for the last few days, it's been all about the ones written for her by singer Pink.


As you all know, from a couple of days back - either from Cher's Twitter or here on 'Cher News' - Cher finished recording the first of the two tracks penned by pop star pink for the 66-year-old's new album.


She was gearing up to record the second of Pink's songs yesterday; she wrote on Twitter, "I'm studying second Pink song for tonight! It's hard and high!".

Of course, we know that one of the tracks penned by Pink for Cher is a ballad whilst the other one has elements of both dance and rock. Cher talked about this in one of yesterday's tweets; jokingly, yet affectionately, referring to Pink as a "b*tch" - as only Cher could - she said, "The b*tch stomps all over a song and it's either beautiful and soft or 'don't f**k with me fellas'!".

Cher's tweets indicate that she did record Pink's second track that night - though she didn't completely finish it.


Just a couple of hours ago, she took to Twitter again to reveal that she was about to complete the second Pink track. She wrote, "I'm tired but I'm going to the studio to complete last night's song."

It seems that her vocals for the second Pink song would be finished in the hours following this tweet.

Therefore, she must have been talking about a completely seperate album track when she followed the previous comment with, "I will go to New York to record next song!" (maybe Christina Aguilera, or at least her vocals, will be waiting there?).

However, the conversation quickly came back around to one of Pink's tracks - the ballad; "Everyone seems to love Pink's ballad", she wrote.

It sure seems that all her new tracks are getting outstanding feedback from the lucky insiders who have gotten to hear them!


  1. Love Pink, love CHER............F*cking perfect combo!

  2. Cher cuts songs rapidly. Since she started recording in 1963/64 she tends to cut one song in one session. Very seldom does Cher need even 2 days for a song. Years ago she would cut a new album in a week or maybe 10 days.

  3. ya ths wait crzeee. 11 yrsssssss. i need cher nw

  4. i'd like to see less over production and more music period

  5. Pink looks sooo HOT! In this pic ;) xxxxx Love her