Thursday, February 09, 2012

Cher's Stepfather LaPiere Dies

Gilbert LaPiereCher's former stepfather Gilbert LaPiere has died aged 88.

Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere, the adoptive father of superstar Cher, passed away on Tuesday in Oklahoma City. Born 29 June 1923, Gilbert would eventually become the husband of Cher's mother, Georgia Holt. He adopted Cher at a very early age and she took his name.

After Georgia and Gilbert divorced, he would stay married to his next wife, Beverly, for over thirty years, until her death in 1997.

Cher has not yet commented on the subject. In her 1998 autobiography, Cher wrote about him, "I loved him, more than he could ever know." Gilbert's daughter Verna Bullock has stated that him and Cher remained close over the years.

Cher didn't meet her real father, John Sarkisian, until she was eleven years old.

Gilbert LaPiere 1923-2012,
Rest In Peace.


  1. I think you are mistaken, he was not the father of Georganne but adopted both Cher and her sister.

  2. I am married to one of Gill's relatives and he is not Georganne's father. Also it was a very nice ceremony and it is a shame that Cher could not be there for what ever reason even though she was able to attend Beverly's funeral sometime ago.

  3. Thank you! That's been bothering me for ages. I needed some kind of 'proof' as to who Georganne's father is, and you've provided it! Then Georganne's father must be a man named John Southall - though I'm confused why she never took his name.

  4. Its possible Georganne did take her fathers name but I believe he died along time ago according to an interview Cher gave years ago then Cher and Georganne were both adopted by La Pierre...hence Cher has the La Pierre name as does Georganne...according to Chers interview the marrige didnt last long and she went to a private school at that time but she spoke of Gil La Pierre fondly.