Tuesday, February 07, 2012

New Paparazzi Shot Of Cher - No Make-Up

Taken in Los Angeles, the following photograph is a paparazzi shot of Cher from sometime last month.

Paparazzi shot of Cher in January 2012Whilst many of us have been looking for recent photographs of singer/actress Cher, who has been mainly out of the spotlight since her October 'Dancing With The Stars' appearance bar one or two moments, namely dinner with Ron Zimmerman in early January, this paparazzi snap of the star has at some point been posted onto the gallery of Cher fan site CherLove.

Cher is seen from the bust-upwards, in a black jacket accessorized with black sunglasses and hoop earrings. The 66 year old hit-maker is wearing no make-up and is sporting her real hair, as opposed to wearing one of her trademark wigs.

The photograph was added to Cher Love's gallery on 28 January, labelled as taken in January 2012. Having also been posted by one user at The Official Cher fan Community, the photograph has already been viewed by plenty of Cher fans. However, If I managed to miss it, no doubt others have!


  1. and she looks amazing!!!!

  2. I'm looking forward to the months ahead,seems like forever for this album...I guess we better get ready to club to it!

  3. She doesn't look indian (feather , not dot), like she claims on her song 'Half Breed' (LOL)!

    1. She is 1/8 Cherokee. From her mom's side.

  4. It was a song, not a claim to being Native. She's half Armenian.

  5. Once again Cher becomes a trendsetter...she proves that she does not need the make-up to look good. Look how gorgeous she is without it. Love you Cher.

  6. She is sooooooooooo beautiful!!! I wanna marry her! Too bad I'm a girl... and only 15 yrs old. :'(