Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Get Ready For The Voice - "Cher 2013"

66-year-old legendary songstress Cher has been teasing her fans about the sounds of her new album.

Moments ago, 'Believe' hit-maker Cher took to social networking site Twitter to tell her hundreds-of-thousands of followers about the "high chorus'" found on her new songs; she tweeted, "I was listening to my new songs & I thought, "This is wierd", as almost all the songs have way high Chorus' like 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me' but are Dance. So do the two ballads."

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

News Round-up: Cher Talks New Album, Mother's Television Special, Vampire Song and Tim Medvetz Marriage Rumour

Cher – as always – shared a whole load of noteworthy information during a recent series of tweets!

To begin with, let's take a look at the status of Cher's upcoming album; One Twitter user (Shaneth Varosa @shanethvarosa) asked the pop Queen, “So is your album done? Or mostly done?”. Cher answered, “Eight tracks are finished”. She went on to explain that she is currently “working on one” further track, plus the album's “bonus” tracks – which are “both versions of 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me'”. Yes, you may have counted eleven tracks there but don't worry, Cher said there's “more” songs lined up for the album.

She once again made sure it's clear that the album will have a “2012 release”. For die-hard fans, this may not be the only album you'll be wanting to purchase in the near future...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Cher Has A Title For Her New Album!

Cher has named her new album but is keeping the title under wraps.

To us fans, and the media, Cher's upcoming album - which is scheduled for release later this year - is simply known as her as-of-yet untitled 25th solo studio album.

However, the 'Moonstruck' star recently announced on social networking site Twitter that the album does indeed have a
title - though she is currently keeping it hidden from us.

PHOTOS: Cher In Malibu Leaving Restaurant

Cher was photographed leaving Malibu's branch of 'Nobu' restaurant yesterday.

After dining with friends at the 'Nobu Malibu' restauant, Cher was snapped numerous times by paparazzi - who were eager to get photos of the perennially-glamorous songstress – as she was getting back to her car.

Cher photographed several times leaving the restaurant

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cher Is Finishing Second Pink Track - Soon Heading To New York!

Cher and Pink
Cher has been recording tracks for her new album a lot lately and for the last few days, it's been all about the ones written for her by singer Pink.


As you all know, from a couple of days back - either from Cher's Twitter or here on 'Cher News' - Cher finished recording the first of the two tracks penned by pop star pink for the 66-year-old's new album.


She was gearing up to record the second of Pink's songs yesterday; she wrote on Twitter, "I'm studying second Pink song for tonight! It's hard and high!".

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cher: I've Just Finished First Pink Song!

Cher in a photo taken in the late 1990's which came to light this week via her Twitter account
One-named enigma Cher (her words!) is close to wrapping up work on her new studio album, due for release in just a few month's time. She revealed via social networking site Twitter, just hours ago, that she had finished the first - of two - tracks that were written by fellow pop star Pink for the album.

On Twitter, she declared, “I've just finished first Pink song! I sang for 2 hours straight! The people in the control room were doing 'Snoopy Dance'! I had her producer Billy Mann! He was great”.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cher's New Album Is Close to Completion

Cher in the recording studio, August 2012
Singer Cher has revealed that she has completed the majority of her new album's recordings.

Earlier, Cher tweeted, "I'm On the way to the recording studio. I've got two lines of Timbaland's song to pick up. Love it."

She continued, "Then I'm going to listen to all the tracks that are completed and see if any of them need work."

Some hours later, the iconic diva let on that most of the songs on her new album are completed. On Twitter, she wrote, “I've just got home! I've finished Timbaland's song! And cleaned up most tracks! There's a few to go!”

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Pink Reveals The Title Of A New Song She Wrote For Cher

Pink has revealed the title of one of the songs that she has written for fellow pop star Cher.

It's clear that we're getting closer to the release of Cher's brand new studio album as information has been pouring in about it over the last few weeks, especially from Cher's Twitter account - in fact, it was there where we first heard that singer Pink had written two songs for the album.

Christina Aguilera To Guest On Cher's New Album?

Cher and Christina Aguilera
Cher has hinted that Christina Aguilera will be included on her upcoming album – if all goes to plan.

Everyone knows that Lady Gaga will sing on a track with Cher on the latter singer's upcoming album. Most people know that singer Pink has written multiple songs for the album. Recently, Cher revealed that a further female pop superstar may guest on the album.

It all began when one Twitter user (Melanie Usher) tweeted Cher, “The one and only Cher and Pink working together? Killer combo!”. Cher responded, “[There's] one other guest [on the album] but I have to ask her if she wants to remain a surprise”. The surprise didn't last long.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Updated - Again! News Round-Up: Cher's New Album

Cher, August 2012
As the release of Cher's new single approaches us, I (for the third time!) take a look at just about all the information that I can get my hands on about her upcoming album.

Cher's new “hardcore dance” album, which is currently planned for release during the “last months of” 2012, will be her 25th solo studio album. It will be her first since 2001's Gold-certified 'Living Proof'.

The 66-year-old superstar has reportedly been working with Lady Gaga, RedOne, Timbaland, J-Roc, Kuk Harrell, Jason DerĂ¼lo and Pink to complete the album.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

More Tweets About Cher's New Album! - Kuk Harrell: You're Gonna LOVE Cher's New Album!

Cher and Kuk Harrell
Singer-and-actress Cher has once again been dishing out information about her new album and some of its tracks - more of same goes for Grammy Award-winner Kuk Harrell who is working as a vocal producer and engineer on the album.

Since her US top ten album 'Living Proof' released a mammoth ten years ago, fans of Cher have been waiting for a new studio album. So, it's not surprising that the star feels the need to tweet about her brand new upcoming release.