Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Twitter News Round-up: Cher Tweets About Upcoming Album, Earthquake, Naked Diving - Plus Pal Loree Rodkin Says Cher 'Outdid Herself' With New Songs

CherNow that you've finished reading the title to this article - possibly the longest title of any 'Cher News' article - have a gander at this selection of tweets from Cher, posted during the last few days on social networking site Twitter:

Excitingly, Cher took time out to say a few words about songs from her upcoming album. She said, "Loree [Rodkin] came over last night and I played three tracks! I was nervous - she's tough! I put my favourite one on and hair rose up on the back of her neck - we screamed, she danced."

There's one song on the album that Cher seemingly favours; she said, "I have a big wish - to take this one song to a club, give it to the DJ, hide in a dark corner and watch the craziness! I did that with 'Believe'!"

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cher's Best-Selling Singles of The Eighties

Cher's 1980's singlesThe revealing of Cher's solo single sales of the sixties and seventies went underway here on 'Cher News' months ago. Now it's time for the unveiling of another decade's sales; the one full with big hair, big make-up, rock anthems and belting ballads.

Of course, it's the 1980's! And 'Cher News' has the top five biggest selling solo Cher songs of that decade.

As usual, the results come from my own research based on certifications, chart runs and other reliable sources!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

And The Beat Goes On... A Birthday Retrospective

Cher in 1962; 1972; 1982; 1992; and 2002As part of today's celebrations for Cher's 66th Birthday, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at exactly what the legendary songstress was up to ten years ago, twenty years ago, thirty years... Well, you get the message!

50 Years Ago – Age 16

We kick-off with 1962,- the year that Cher had her sweet sixteenth Birthday. Most youngsters of that age are dealing with school work and puppy love, but this is Cher we're talking about. Instead, Cher dropped out of high school and a matter of months after that very Birthday, she met perhaps her first true love – Sonny Bono! Certainly, the bothers of school work and chances of puppy love went straight out the window.

From Her Fans: Birthday Messages For Cher

Fans of music and film legend Cher - who of course turned 66-years-old today - have written Birthday messages especially for the star.

Cindy Francisco says:
"Hi Cher, you are my favorite singer! I had the privilege of hearing you on stage twice in Vegas! I adore you and I think you are absolutely gorgeous! I watched you and Sonny as a teenager. Have a wonderful Birthday from this Nebraska girl!"

Kimmy Marshall says:
"Happy Birthday Cher! You are a wonderful human being and youve influenced my life since I was five years old - it has almost been eleven years since that day. I'll remember it forever. I can't wait for the new album and tour (no rush!). I love you - enjoy your day."

66 Things We Love About Cher Part II

Things We Love About Cher Part IISurely, you've now seen the first half of '66 Things We Love About Cher', containing numbers 1 - 33. If not, what are you waiting for? For those that heve, it's time for Part II.

It contains her 1995 moderate selling album that was a huge hit amongst her fans, arguably her two most-famous quotes of all-time, the character she reprised in previous years that started out on 'The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour' and hopefully a few surprises along the way!

66 Things We Love About Cher Part 1

Things We Love About Cher Part IYou may have noticed that it is Cher's 66th birthday today. For that reason - with the inspiration coming from the similarly-titled article 'Cher's 65th Birthday: 65 Reasons We Love Cher' published last year on '' - and in no particular order, 'Cher News' would like to share with you a list of 66 reasons as to why we love the eternally-popular film, television and music star.

Her fitness videos, her early 1980's rock band Black Rose and all her trademark hairstyles - there's lots squeezed into the first 33 and they can all be found right here:

Cher's Birth: My Mom and I Were There

Cher as a baby with mother Georgia
One lady tells her story of how she was brought into the world in the same hospital ward - at the same time! - as superstar Birthday girl Cher.

One reader at 'Imperial Valley Press Online', Donna Hampton, contacted the news outlet to share her - and her Mother's - story of being delivered at the same time as Cher in the same El Centro hospital ward:

"The record of her birth has been sealed - tighter than a drum - but that doesn’t matter. It’s documented in the 'World Almanac and Book of Facts' and she told Oprah, so it’s common knowledge.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Cher On Donna Summer: She Was Exquisite!

Cher and Donna Summer in 1979Fellow icon of the 1970's Cher has said a few words about the late "Queen of Disco" Donna Summer.

Singer-actress Cher opened up on social networking site Twitter about the recent death of five-time Grammy Award-winner Donna Summer. "So sad", said the 'Moonstruck' actress, "One of the GREAT voices of our time!"

Cher continued, as she recalled Summer's Academy Award-winning hit 'Last Dance' being played at legendary nightclub Studio 54, "I remember 'Last Dance' ended my nights at Studio 54! By that song, I was drenched! Hair too!"

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

News Round-up: Donald Trump Has More Harsh Words For Cher and Cher Celebrates Mother's Day

Cher and Donald TrumpDonald Trump has continued to slam superstar Cher in a recent interview. On a more positive note, we catch-up on the Mother's day goings-on from Cher and her mom!

Since the last article on here about Donald Trump, he's taken to social networking site Twitter to say, "Cher should stop with the bad plastic surgery and nasty statements about good people running for office. I can't stand her computer enhanced voice or music."

Now, 'Fox News' host Greta Van Susteren interviewed guest Trump via telephone as part of the American cable news channel's 'On The Record' interview segment. The topic of his recent comments about Cher arose during the latter half of the conversation.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review: Sonny and Cher's 'The Collection'

'The Collection' by Sonny and CherA new two-disc Sonny & Cher compilation album is hitting stores right about now, and 'Cher News' - for the first time ever - is offering an album review!

This brand new two-disc compilation album, showcasing a staggering forty tracks from Sonny & Cher's recording career - for a budget price - appears to be something of a good deal - and believe me, it is!

From the same label ('Music Club Deluxe') that has previously issued double-disc budget compilation albums from the likes of timeless songstress Dionne Warwick all the way to legendary rockers Foreigner, have now dabbled in the career of our favourite super-couple Sonny & Cher.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Donald Trump: Cher's a loser!

Cher in 2010Real-estate mogul Donald Trump has slammed Cher on Twitter.

Just days ago, Cher used social networking site Twitter to share her opinions on presidential hopeful Mitt Romney in a series of tweets. You won't have seen any news about it here on 'Cher News', partly because Cher then deleted much of what she had said, and so clearly she didn't want her words paraded around the Internet! Of course, that happened anyway.

One of the more mild - believe it or not - statements that Cher made that day was, "If Romney gets elected, I don't think think I can breathe the air same as him."

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Cher - In Pain - Talks About Bullying

Cher in 2011Music and movie icon Cher revealed that she is in "intense" pain and talked about bullying on Twitter!

Cher took to the social networking site to tell her 600,000 followers about her new struggle with a pinched nerve located in her neck, and to talk about the all-important topic of bullying.

The black-haired beauty tweeted, "I wanted to check in to say hi! [I've got a] pinched vein in my neck and I'm in real pain! I'm going to [to my Doctor] in [the morning] so hi and bye lovelies!"