Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cher's Best-Selling Singles of The Eighties

Cher's 1980's singlesThe revealing of Cher's solo single sales of the sixties and seventies went underway here on 'Cher News' months ago. Now it's time for the unveiling of another decade's sales; the one full with big hair, big make-up, rock anthems and belting ballads.

Of course, it's the 1980's! And 'Cher News' has the top five biggest selling solo Cher songs of that decade.

As usual, the results come from my own research based on certifications, chart runs and other reliable sources!

1. "If I Could Turn Back Time"
Released in 1989, sold 1,988,655 copies
Are you surprised? This sing-along rock anthem is one of Cher's signature tunes, along with the other biggies - most notably "Believe", "Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves" and "I Got You Babe". Taken from her massive-selling 'Heart of Stone' album, this song is not only brilliant (Okay, I'm biased - it's one of my favorites!) but it also has for it perhaps Cher's most famous music video ever. Looking a million dollars, the then-43-year-old Cher parades in front of a large group of sailors on a battleship - yes, a battleship! The much-applauded video, which almost-always lands a place on sexiest music video lists, was partially banned by MTV due to her skimpy outfit in it!

2. "I Found Someone"
Released in 1987, sold 993,043 copies
After a whopping five-year absence from recording music to concentrate on a hugely successful film career, Cher returned to the music charts with this Laura Branigan-cover in 1987, taken from her self-titled album from that same year. It was a hugely successful year for her; her three(!) films released in 1987 recieved critical-acclaim and this track gave her a US top 10 and UK top 5 smash hit to top it all off with. Directed by Cher, this song's big-budgeted music video features Cher in her trademark black-leotard-with-holes (what else can you call it?) outfit.

3. "After All"
Released in 1989, sold 989,160 copies
Despite its absence from music charts in just about every country outside of North America, duet with Peter Cetera - former front-man of American band 'Chicago' - cemented itself into Cher's hitlist by being a big-seller in that continent. It reached number 6 in the United States, received a Gold certification, and later established itself as one of her most-downloaded songs of all-time. Its definitely worth mentioning that it managed all this without hardly any promotion; it didn't even have a music video! It was however, featured as the love theme in the overlooked 1989 film 'Chances Are' - which it received an Academy Award nomination for!

4. "Just Like Jesse James"
Released in 1989, sold 986,655 copies
This follow-up to 'If I Could Turn Back Time' was also taken from 'Heart of Stone'. Cher has often shown her somewhat-distaste of the song, stating that she never really cared much for it. Of course, her fans loved it! It marched all the way to number 8 in the US without a music video. Released right at the end of the decade, it was her last single of the 1980's (hence why it just made this list; 'Heart of Stone' was released in 1990).

5. We All Sleep Alone"
Released in 1988, sold 495,561 copies
Supported by two different music videos - one seen more than the other - this follow-up to 'I Found Someone', taken from same 1987 album 'Cher', reached number 14 in America. Of course Cher went on to perform the song in concert a year or two later, performing the last moments of the song in a large white bedsheet (it is Cher after all! The same concerts featured a pool table, a Cher impersonator, sixties legend Darlene Love and a 7-foot-contract!).

Now, Cher fans, due to my personal taste in music, there are two Cher albums that I'll happily sit through without wanting to skip any of the tracks; 'I Paralyze' and 'Heart of Stone' ('One Small Step' prohibits me from doing the same with the brilliant 'Love Hurts'). This got me thinking - and be honest - which albums in Cher's lenghy back-catalogue can you sit through without wanting to skip at least a track or two?


  1. Strongenough33322 May, 2012 22:42

    The Cher album...its self titled. It has skin deep, perfection & working girl.
    But I also love Believe and Living Proof too (what die-hard Cher fan doesn't?)
    Also, the more recently released Cher Gold album it features many songs spanning from the sixties till the most recent of all living proof.


  2. I PARALYZE is my favorite '80s Cher album... BLACK ROSE, CHER, and HEART OF STONE all have a least one song that I don't really care for, but I PARALYZE is great from start to finish.

  3. Thanks, but there's one thing I don't get... I read somewhere that. since they keep track of the sales, all the singles/albums that sold 500k prior to the new way of certification were also certified gold later? Don't know if that's a reliable info though...