Tuesday, February 18, 2014

50th Anniversary of Sonny & Cher's First Song, 'The Letter'

Sonny & Cher
Today marks the 50th anniversary of Sonny & Cher's first ever song, 'The Letter'!

In early 1964 - months after they had started singing back-up for Phil Spector - Sonny Bono decided that he and Cher should record a song together. He chose 'The Letter' - a 1958 mostly-unknown single by a duo called Don & Dewey, who had written it.

On 18 February 1964, Sonny & Cher recorded the song. Outside of being backing vocalists, it was the couple's first professional recording together. To further cement the recording into music history, it became Sonny & Cher's first ever single.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Cher: Warner Bros. Hasn't Got A Great Interest In My CD

Despite being universally approved by fans, Cher's new album 'Closer To The Truth' has fell short of major success, with promotion coming to a halt shortly after its release. And fans have been blaming Warner Bros. Record's lacklustre handling of it.

Only one music video has been made for the album, a so-so one for first single 'Woman's World', and that was finally delivered three months after the single's release. In that time, a bizarre reading of the song's lyrics from author Jackie Collins was released on YouTube as supposed promotion. 'Woman's World' did get a (brilliant) lyric video though - on time, as well - as did follow-up single 'I Hope You Find It'. However, third single 'Take It Like A Man' didn't even get that. No, instead, the massively under-promoted single was given a poorly-received (described as "embarrassing" and "soft-core" by some fans) video consisting of advertisements for Andrew Christian underwear.

The Top 10 Sonny and Cher Songs of All-Time

Sonny & Cher
In two week's time, 'Cher News' will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sonny & Cher's first ever recording 'The Letter'. In the meantime, here's the top 10 Sonny & Cher songs of all-time according to a brand new article from online entertainment publication 'The Celebrity Cafe'...

The 1960's welcomed one of the greatest pop duos the music world has ever seen... Romantically involved, and later married, Sonny and Cher started as back-up singers for record producer Phil Spector. Represented by Atco/Atlantic records, they rose to fame with their 1965 hit 'I Got You Babe'.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Cher Responds After Son Elijah Tells The Press About Their Rift

Cher and son Elijah AllmanCher's 37-year-old son Elijah Allman engaged in tell-all interviews on US TV show 'Entertainment Tonight' and with UK publication 'Daily Mail' in the last 24 hours, discussing his childhood, past drug habits and family, amongst other things.

His superstar mother was the main topic - especially a rift between the two of them as Cher allegedly didn't acknowledge or congratulate his engagement or elopement to 26 year old now-wife Marieangela "Angie" King.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Passenger: "I Think I May Have Upset Cher With Song Lyrics". (Don't Worry, She Most Likely Doesn't Even Know Who You Are.)

Cher, Passenger
UK singer/songwriter Passenger talks about his attack on fellow one-named singer Cher in his song 'I Hate'.

In his regularly-performed song 'I Hate', Passenger wrote about music legend Cher - whom was featured as a "classic beauty" this week by Brit website 'Beauty World News' - "Keep your Hollywood stars, and their stupid cars, and the botox, that makes them looked f**ked. Just grow old with grace, have you seen Cher's face, it looks like it's been hit by a truck".