Saturday, July 26, 2014

Expect Five New Costumes When Cher's 'Dressed To Kill Tour' Returns

Cher on her 'Dressed To Kill Tour'
Cher has tweeted that she'll don five new costumes when her tour resumes in September.

The legendary live entertainer is currently on a break on her massively successful 'Dressed To Kill Tour' - its first leg ended earlier this month and its second leg will begin in September.

For its September return, Cher told her Twitter followers, today, that they can expect to see five new costumes: "5 new costumes are... Unbelievable"

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cher News Celebrates The 25th Anniversary of Cher's Heart Of Stone album

Cher's 'Heart Of Stone' album
Exactly 25 years ago, on 22 July 1989, Cher's 19th studio album Heart Of Stone entered the US Billboard 200 chart (at #88). Cher News takes a look at the star-studded album's legacy...


By 1989, Cher: had released 1987's album Cher to Gold (and eventually Platinum) success; released her first transatlantic Top 10 single in over 15 years, I Found Someone; had just won 1988's Best Actress Academy Award for Moonstruck; and, as she herself admits, was in the best physical shape of her life.

Monday, July 21, 2014

I Got You Billy: Cher Continues Campaign To Free Billy The Elephant From "Pigs" At LA Zoo

Back in October 2013, Cher offered half-a-million dollars from her own pocket to get Billy the Elephant out of LA Zoo and into to a sanctuary in San Andreas.

Now, the charitable singer/actress has thought up an idea to create "new types of animal exhibits" using special effects, thus releasing animals from zoo cages.

Today, the 'I Hope You Find It' singer tweeted: "This idea won't be popular and I don't give a flying f*ck! I don't like zoos, and people who put animals in cages are animals! There's nothing cute or fun about torturing living beings in front of children. Zoos want to sell useless junk and Seaworld wants to torture for money.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Cher: 'Dressed To Kill Tour' MAY Reach The UK Plus Australia, Brazil, Mexico and New Zealand!

Cher on her 'Dressed To Kill Tour'Will Cher's 'Dressed To Kill Tour' travel overseas to the UK? It's "possible", the singer says.

The 68-year-old International star took to Twitter today to send her condolences to the families of the 298 victims of a Malaysia Airlines plane that was shot down with a ground-to-air missile in Ukraine: "Condolences to the families of Malaysia Airlines Ft 17. The plane was shot down in skies above Ukraine, by Russian-made BUK missile. RIP."

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Watch: "Mystery Caller" Cher Gets Rumbled Within 20 Seconds On 'Watch What Happens Live'. Plus 'Dressed To Kill Tour' First Leg Grosses $55-Million!

Cher on her 'Dressed To Kill Tour'
Legendary live performer Cher is “on track to become one of the most successful treks of 2014”, Billboard reports.

Last night, the music publication stated that the first leg of the 'I Walk Alone' singer's North American 'Dressed To Kill Tour' grossed “a reported $54.9 million” according to Billboard Boxscore. It further explained that, “A total of 610,812 attendees went to the 49 shows – all of which were sell-outs.”

However, the data found on Billboard's weekly Boxscore chart shows that the tour grossed slightly more than what the Billboard article reported: with 609,519 attendees and an impressive 99.85% sell-out rate (with just Nashville's 31 March stop not selling out), the 49 dates grossed $55,112,056.