Sunday, September 28, 2014

RuPaul, Debbie Gibson, Cheryl Lynn, Loree Rodkin, Charlie Hides & Cher Tell Us Their Favourite Cher Songs!

We're turning back time...

For fun's sake, 'Cher News' asked an array of celebrity Cher fans to reveal their all-time favorite Cher songs and posted their answers around one year ago.

Whilst we wait for the ill songstress to get well, let's have another look at the songs chosen by RuPaul, Loree Rodkin, Charlie Hides, Debbie Gibson and Cher herself, plus new addition Cheryl Lynn.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Singer Cher Says "Sorry" As Several More 'Dressed To Kill Tour' Shows Are Postponed Due To Illness - Tour To Resume In November

Cher on her 2014 'Dressed To Kill Tour'
Cher was forced to postpone a dozen concerts earlier this month due to "acute viral illness". Today, it was announced that the ill songstress has had to postpone several more of her 'Dressed To Kill Tour' concerts as doctors have advised her to "extend her rest period".

A brief statement was issued to Cher's Facebook page and official website within the last few hours, explaining that the tour will now resume on 9 November: "DTK tour announces additional postponement and rescheduling of several concert.

"Doctors advise additional rest for our star - tour to begin again in Lubbock, Texas on November 9th."

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cher's 1982 Flick 'Come Back To The 5 & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean' Available To Pre-Order On Blu-ray

1982 film 'Come Back To The 5 & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean' will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on 18 November, and is available to pre-order on the former format now.

Back in 2012, 'Cher News' reported that Mark Patton, one of Cher's co-stars in 'Come Back To The 5 & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean', had revealed that the 1982 movie was "getting ready" to be released on DVD for the very first time.

Later that year, a source told 'Cher News' that the DVD had been delayed due to "music rights". That same source told us that "the release date has been given and then cancelled many times."

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Updated! Fired 'Dressed To Kill Tour' Choreographer Sues Cher

Celebrity news website TMZ have reported that Cher is being sued by her 'Dressed To Kill Tour' choreographer Kevin Wilson.

The website reports that Cher is "being sued for allegedly telling her choreographer that there were too many black people on stage during her concerts." However, it adds that "the singer says the allegations are BS."

"According to a new lawsuit", TMZ writes, "Cher was auditioning dancers for her 'Dressed To Kill Tour' in 2014 when choreographer Kevin Wilson said he particularly liked 'a minority female dancer'.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gaga To Fans: Let's show Cher How Much We Appreciate Her

Cher; Lady Gaga
As every Cher fan - and Lady Gaga fan - knows, Cher and Gaga recorded a duet entitled 'The Greatest Thing' for the former's 2013 US#3 studio album 'Closer To The Truth'. However, Gaga demanded that the track be removed from the album's track-list near the last minute.

However, the 'If I Could Turn Back Time' singer is not sour about it at all. In fact, the music legend has said nothing but positive words about her fellow wig-wearing songstress, and has recently been using social networking site Twitter to tell Gaga that she is greatly enjoying the "amazing" 'Cheek To Cheek' - Gaga's new collaborative studio album with veteran singer Tony Bennett.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bedridden Cher Apologises As She Postpones Ten More Concerts

Cher, who has been forced to postpone ten of her concerts.
Goddess of Pop Cher was forced to postpone two of her 'Dressed To Kill Tour' concerts last week due to being diagnosed with "acute viral infection"; the couple of gigs were moved from 11 and 13 September to 6 and 7 October, respectively.

However, the music legend's condition is seemingly more serious than initially believed by her doctors as they have recommended that she takes further time off work to rest. Therefore, the singer has been forced to postpone ten further concerts of her current 'Dressed To Kill Tour'.

After the announcement that the dectet of shows had been postponed, the 'All I Really Want To Do' singer told her two-million followers on Twitter: "I'm so sorry that I had to move shows and disappoint you. I don't cancel unless I can't get up. This virus is a killer."

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Acute Viral Infection Forces Cher To Postpone Tour Dates

Singing legend Cher has been forced to postpone two upcoming tour dates after being diagnosed with "acute viral infection".

The chart-topping songstress planned to resume her highly-successful 'Dressed To Kill Tour' on 11 September, after having a two-month break. However, the 'Love & Understanding' singer has been forced to extend her break as she has been diagnosed with acute viral infection and has been ordered by doctors to rest.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Cher Left "Heartbroken" After Comedienne Joan Rivers Dies Aged 81

Cher; Joan RiversSinger/actress Cher tweeted a "get well" message to Joan Rivers last week after the comedienne was rushed to hospital, having suddenly stopped breathing during surgery on her vocal chords. Soon after, Rivers was placed on life support, leading Cher to tweet that she's "still betting on her".

Sadly, the 81-year-old comedienne died today.

Cher took to Twitter shortly after the news broke, writing that she was "heartbroken" about Rivers' passing and how Rivers had inspired her to become a stronger woman: "Am heartbroken about Joan. When I was young, I was going through a tough time and I thought about Joan. She had told stories about her tough times - I got stronger".

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Cher Revisits Sonny & Cher's 1965 Home After 49 Years - And Gives Its New Resident "The Shock Of His Life"

Cher has been very busy lately with rehearsals and costume fittings for her 'Dressed To Kill tour', which will resume on 11 September.

However, according to TMZ, the 'Closer To The Truth' singer has found some time to revisit a home that she once shared with ex-husband Sonny Bono around 50 years ago.

The publication revealed that the 3-time-Golden Globe Award-winner "made an unannounced stop" at the home "off Laurel Canyon Drive in the Hollywood Hills - where she and Sonny lived from 1964 to '65." It reports that the singer/actress had not been to the property in 49 years.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Cher Extends North American 'Dressed To Kill Tour'

Singer Cher has added five more US dates to her current North American tour.

The movie, music and fashion icon began her current critically-acclaimed and hugely-successful 'Dressed To Kill Tour' in March this year and then wrapped up its first leg in July. The 68-year-old will resume the tour this month, with its second leg beginning on 11 September.

Prior to today, it was believed that the tour's second leg would climax on 3 November. However, news has just arrived that due to her having so much "fun" on the tour, five more dates have been added to the end of its second leg - which will now end on 19 November.