Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cher To Sing and Guest Judge On US's 'Dancing With The Stars' Next Week

4 November's episode of ABC's 'Dancing With The Stars' will pay tribute to the outstanding back-catalogue of extravagant entertainer Cher, whilst she performs guest judge duties and two songs.

Cher will open the show singing her best-selling single of all-time, 1998's 'Believe'.before serving as a guest judge. She will close the show with her new single, beautiful ballad 'I Hope You Find It', which has already spent two weeks in the UK Top 40.

The singer - who's new album 'Closer To The Truth' debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 - told PEOPLE, "It's always strange when people do something like this. You're not thinking about those kind of things. It just always takes me by surprise. It just does."

Saturday, October 26, 2013

WATCH Cher's Grand Performance On 'The Graham Norton Show'

Cher on 'The Graham Norton Show'
Cher performed 'I Hope You Find It' on 'The Graham Norton Show'.

1970's television queen Cher recorded an episode of 'The Graham Norton Show' when she hopped over to the UK not so long ago to promote new single 'I Hope You Find It' and its parent album 'Closer To To The Truth'.

On the episode, which aired last night, Cher made her way to the interview couch to be seated alongside legendary actor Robert DeNiro, fellow actress Michelle Pfeiffer and UK comedienne Jennifer Saunders.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cher Offers $500,000 For Release of Billy the Elephant

Enduring entertainer Cher has urged her nearly-2 million Twitter followers to help release elephant Billy from LA Zoo, whilst offering half-a-million dollars from her own pockets to get him to a sanctuary in San Andreas.

Cher tweeted to her "crew" (the affectionate name she gave her fanbase): "Will we let Ringling Bros. Circus (or any entity that comes to California) use bullhooks on the elephants that they hold hostage and torture for money? I stood helplessly by and did nothing as the LA Zoo drove Billy to a nervous breakdown! Outside experts all agreed - it is criminal. Crew, please take an interest in the abuse and maiming of these beautiful elephants that are caged and then tortured with bullhooks."

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cher's 'Closer To The Truth' Scores Mighty In Blighty

Cher's new album 'Closer To The Truth' has entered the UK Top 5.

Today, Cher scored her second-highest charting studio album of all-time in the UK (after 1991 chart-topper 'Love Hurts') as 'Closer To The Truth' debuted at #4 (selling 14,621 copies). It is a massive improvement on her last studio album, 2001's 'living Proof', which bizarrely only reached #46 - though was certified Gold. All five positions on the fresh chart are occupied by debuts:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Track-By-Track Review: Cher's New Album 'Closer To The Truth'

CherFans grew impatient during the 12-year gap between her last studio album and her new one, Closer To The Truth, but they, and reviewers, have been mightily impressed with Cher's impeccable new album. Here's Cher News' verdict on the 11-track collection:

1 Woman's World
Prior to Closer To The Truth, Cher had not released an album since 2001's Living Proof. So what better way to say "I'm back" than this in-your-face tune with its shouty chorus (much like P!nk's So What?) and catchy, repetitive lyrics. Had the song not been leaked in November 2012 (damn you, leakers!) the single wouldn't have lost its punch by its June 2013 release and would have been a much bigger hit than it was.

Cher's Touching and Honest 'Mirror' Interview: I Am Not Happy

Entertainer Cher chatted to Tom Bryant of UK news publication 'Mirror' in a "touching and honest" interview:

Gazing out of the window of her seventh-floor hotel room, Cher looks misty-eyed as she surveys the bustling London landscape beneath her.

Struggling with a cold, the singer sighs and quietly admits she longs for a normal life, away from the harsh glare of showbusiness.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ravishing Cher Rocks Up To BBC Studios To Record Radio Interview

Cher in LondonLiving legend Cher rocked up to the BBC Radio 2 studios yesterday in an eye-catching ensemble to record an interview to be aired later this week.

Thigh-high boots and extravagant sunglasses were two of the things that Cher donned in her mostly-black outfit, as she chatted with Steve Wright - one of the radio station's presenters - at the London studios.

The interview will air during Wright's Friday segment on Radio 2, which begins at 2:00 PM. Expect lots of talk about her new album 'Closer To The Truth' and maybe a few spins of its tracks. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cher Wins First Ever Attitude Legend Award

Cher at The Attitude AwardsMusic and movie icon Cher was honoured at tonight's The Attitude Awards with the ceremony's first ever Legend Award - recognising Cher's support of the LGBT community.

On receiving the award at the London event held by the gay magazine, the 67-year-old diva quipped about her gay fans, "We've had a 50 year relationship... Longer than I've had in my life". She tweeted about the ceremony: "Went to Attitude Awards, it was very nice, Graham Norton did heartfelt introduction".

Monday, October 14, 2013

Cher's New Album 'Closer To The Truth' OUT NOW In The UK

Cher on 'The X Factor'
Cher's new studio album gets its UK release.

Whilst the US were treated to Cher's new album 'Closer To The Truth' on 24 September, the UK have had to wait until today for the new collection of stunning studio tracks.

The album contains a duo of new singles: the dance-pop 'Woman's World' and ballad 'I Hope You Find It'. Cher gave a heartfelt performance of the latter of the singles on UK's 'The X Factor' yesterday, and it has been played regularly on the country's most-popular radio station, BBC Radio 2.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

WATCH! Cher Sings 'I Hope You Find It' On UK 'The X Factor'. New Album Release Tomorrow.

Cher performing 'I Hope You Find It' on UK 'The X Factor'Cher belted out 'I Hope You Find It' on the United Kingdom version of singing contest 'The X Factor'.

The perennially-popular music legend performed the ballad on stage, donning a mini-skirt, as the show's 12 acts were waiting to find out which one received the lowest number of votes to be sent home.

During the performance - her first in the UK since the early 2000's - the song's lyric video played on the screens behind her. Gold confetti showered from above during the song's climax.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Cher Continues 'Closer To The Truth' Promotion In France

Cher in FranceCher continues to make appearances in France to promote her new album 'Closer To The Truth'...

Of course, Cher performed on France's 'Vivement dimanche' and was interviewed on 'Le Grand Journal' two days ago to promote her new album 'Closer To The Truth'. And the Grammy Award-winning artist is marching on with her campaign to get the album up the French charts, starting with an appearance on the country's television show 'C à vous la suite' - available to watch below.

She will also make TV appearances in France on 'Touche pas à mon poste' today and '50 Minutes Inside' tomorrow, before moving on to the UK.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cher Performs on French Show 'Vivement Dimanche'

Cher on 'Vivement Dimanche'
Cher performed on French television show 'Vivement Dimanche' yesterday.

Donned in a black mini-skirt, the 'Believe' singer took to the stage on the French television show, which will air there on Sunday.

Cher sang new single 'I Hope You Find It', taken from her new album 'Closer To The Truth'. As well, she chatted with host Michel Drucker.

Cher also appeared on the country's television show 'Le Grand Journal' yesterday for an interview.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Cher Performs 'Bang Bang' and 'Woman's World' in Italy

Cher at Verone Arena in Italy
Cher joined Italian pop singer Gianni Morandi onstage at Verona Arena to sing 'Bang Bang' - the 1987 rock re-working of her 1966 million-selling hit 'Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)'.

The two duetted on the track before Cher commanded the stage solo to perform her new single 'Woman's World'.

Both performances were part of Morandi's television special on channel Canale 5 in Italy - where Cher is promoting her new album 'Closer To The Truth'. The album - Cher's 25th solo studio album - debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 back in the States last week and has dropped five places this week to #8, selling another 26,000 copies.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

WATCH! Cher Belts Out Ballad 'I Hope You Find It' On Germany's 'Wetten, dass..?'

Cher singing 'I Hope You Find It' on 'Wetten, dass..?'Cher performed new single 'I Hope You Find It' on German TV show 'Wetten, dass..?'

Cher's new double A-side single 'I Hope You Find It' / 'Woman's World' was released yesterday in major music market Germany, as was her new album 'Closer To The Truth'.

The trendsetting superstar gave a live performance of the former of the two new singles on the country's much-watched entertainment television show 'Wetten, dass..?'. Plus she had a lengthy chat with the host of the show about her career...

Thursday, October 03, 2013

'Goddess of Pop' Cher To Perform on UK 'X Factor'

CherCher will perform on UK's 'The X Factor' on Sunday 13 October!

Music icon Cher is currently spreading herself across Europe to promote her new album 'Closer To The Truth'. In less than two week's time, she'll have made it to the UK, where it's been confirmed she'll appear on 'The X Factor'.

To gain maximum exposure of her US#3 album in the UK, Cher will perform a song from it on the highly-viewed UK music contest TV show 'The X Factor' on 13 October.

Their website states that she and UK act Ellie Goulding will be performers on the Sunday episode, which will see a contestant leave the show.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Cher's 'Closer To The truth' Debuts at #3 on Billboard 200!

Cher, 'Closer To The Truth'
Cher's new album 'Closer To The Truth' has debuted at #3 on the US Billboard 200 - becoming her highest ever debut and her highest-charting solo album on the chart!

With over 60,000 copies sold, Cher's 25th solo studio album 'Closer To The Truth' has debuted at #3 on the US Billboard 200. Prior to this, Cher's highest solo peak position on the US chart was #4 - accomplished with 2003's 'The Very Best of Cher' and 1998's 'Believe'.

Her previous highest debut on the chart was #7 - again, accomplished with 'The Very Best of Cher'. Her previous highest debut with a studio album was #9 - with her last one, 2002's 'Living Proof'.

WATCH! Cher Performs 'I Hope You Find It' On 'Live with Kelly and Michael'

Cher on 'Live with Kelly and Michael'
A blond Cher took to the stage on television show 'Live with Kelly and Michael' earlier today to belt out her new single 'I Hope You Find It'. She also had a cozy chat with host Kelly Ripa.

Cher previously performed the song on 'The Today Show' and 'Late Show with David Letterman' to promote her latest album 'Closer To The Truth' - which is expected to debut at #3 on the Billboard 200 this week.

Official 'Closer To The Truth' Commercials

Cher in 'I Hope You Find It' lyric videoTwo commercials for Cher's new album 'Closer To The Truth' have appeared on Cher's YouTube channel.

The first of the two commercials for Cher's new album 'Closer To The Truth' lasts for 15 seconds and contains snippets of singles 'Woman's World' and 'I Hope You Find It'. It contains scenes from the former song's music video and the latter song's lyrics video.

The second of the two commercials is an extended version, lasting double the amount of time.