Saturday, October 26, 2013

WATCH Cher's Grand Performance On 'The Graham Norton Show'

Cher on 'The Graham Norton Show'
Cher performed 'I Hope You Find It' on 'The Graham Norton Show'.

1970's television queen Cher recorded an episode of 'The Graham Norton Show' when she hopped over to the UK not so long ago to promote new single 'I Hope You Find It' and its parent album 'Closer To To The Truth'.

On the episode, which aired last night, Cher made her way to the interview couch to be seated alongside legendary actor Robert DeNiro, fellow actress Michelle Pfeiffer and UK comedienne Jennifer Saunders.

After chatting to host Graham Norton - whose shows she has already appeared on twice before - Cher gave a heartfelt performance of 'I Hope You Find It'.

Buy Cher's new US#3 album 'Closer To The Truth' from Amazon or Amazon UK and her record-breaking new hit single 'I Hope You Find It' from Amazon or Amazon UK.

Short share:

  • Cher's album 'Closer To The Truth' has moved from #4 to #10 on this week's UK charts and single 'I Hope You Find It' has moved from #25 to #36 (whilst 'Believe' is coincidentally at #36 on the country's dance chart).


  1. CHER is just the BEST! she just tried hard to bring some fun, humour, I LOVE ROBERT n ESP MICHELLE, but Robert was so disconnected, lifeless, he seemed so uncomfortable, barely a smile, or a laugh,,Thank god i got to see her sing on Graham, some1 had posted on youtube, not its been blocked,,

    1. I agree but i think he needs to lighten up a little

  2. too bad Graham didn't talk about Witches of Eastwick with Cher and Michelle.