Saturday, February 27, 2016

Academy Awards News Round-Up: Publications Highlight Cher's Mackie Moments At The Oscars

Cher at the Oscar awards
It's the Academy Awards this Sunday. And as all the online publications look back on the awards ceremony's past, one name keeps getting mentioned: CHER....

In an article named "The Most Memorable Oscar Moments of All Time", Vanity Fair state about the one-named star's 1986 Bob Mackie masterpiece:

It seems safe to forecast that no one will ever do Oscar fashion like Cher. The singer still refers to her 1986 look as “the Mohawk year.” She concedes, “The hair may have been distracting but the dress was all cashmere. It was a piece of art, a truly beautiful thing.” She accented the look with one contact lens so that one eye was blue while the other was brown. In response to detractors telling her she was hurting her chance of becoming an Academy member with such out-there fashion, she said, “I could not be a member of the Academy and not belong to myself.”

News Round-Up: Cher Tweets About New Music, New TV Musical And New Perfume. Plus Cher Nominated for British LGBT Award.

Cher tweets about new music, 2016
Cher revealed on Twitter that she has been working on her brand new perfume and was already wearing it - she tweeted, on Saturday: "Worked on perfume yesterday, wearing it today. Almost perfect. Think it needs dash more Vanillia... And it's Perfect."

The Emmy-, Grammy- and Oscar-winner also revealed news of a different exciting project: "Asked to do great musical for TV".

Friday, February 26, 2016 List Their Top 10 Cher Songs - Guess Which One Is At #1!

Cher's Top Ten Songs's Bill lamb has Created a list of superstar Cher's top ten songs:

10. "The Way Of Love" (1972)

Cher first hit the pop singles chart in 1965. She was successful in the 1960s both as a solo artist and one half of the duo Sonny and Cher with her husband Sonny Bono. In the 1970s she emerged as one of the top female pop solo artists. Late in the decade her commercial fortunes faded, but she came back multiple times to earn more pop hits.

"The Way Of Love" was first written in French as "J'ai le mal de toi." It was France's 1960 entry in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Friday, February 19, 2016

GALLERY: The Smithsonian Wants Your Cher Shots For 2017 Book

CherSmithsonian Books have created a new Rock & Roll website dedicated to fan shots of the biggest names in music.

However, the website currently holds just five photos of 1960's-2010's music icon Cher and thus have contacted Cher News in the hope that we can raise awareness of the situation and get some fans to send in their snapshots of the singing superstar.

The book company reached out to us: "On December 1st, Smithsonian Books launched We’ve asked the public to go through their attics, basements, boxes, drawers, camera, photo albums, cell phones, and more so that the world can see Rock’n’Roll through the audience’s eyes. There will be a book published in 2017, and we plan to populate it with some of the best pictures from the website.

Z Lala Channels Cher At 2016 Grammy Awards

Z Lala; CherCher is undoubtedly a trendsetter when it comes to the red carpet. As Disney star Zendaya explains in her recent interview with the pop icon, Cher's red carpet costumes are often imitated by younger stars come the showbiz awards season. And 2016 has not proven to be any different.

Young Electro-pop singer-songwriter was named as one of the worst dressed stars at this year's star-studded Grammy Awards by Daily Mail. And the publication reported that Cher's 1986 Oscar garb seems to be her influence:

Zendaya Chats To Role Model Cher In New Paper Mag Interview About Showbiz & Fashion

Cher, 2016Showbiz legend Cher and Disney star Zendaya sat down for a telephone for a new telephone interview with Paper Mag:

In our 'Girl Crush' series, women with mutual admiration for one another get together for conversations that offer illuminating looks into what it's like to be a woman right now.

There aren't many people that can pull off a mononym, but Cher and Zendaya are most certainly two of them. As a platinum-selling singer, the star of the Disney show K.C. Undercover and the newest face of COVERGIRL, Zendaya is following in the multi-talented footsteps of the Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe and Grammy Award-winning icon Cher, who was most recently seen as one of the stars of the Marc Jacobs Fall 2015 campaign. Both possess a knack for risk-taking in their art, fashion, and expression, and both inspire the same kind of excitement from fans, no matter whether they came of age with bell-bottoms or Snapchat. These one-name wonders got together for a chat about everything from the perils of perfectionism to the importance of fighting for your creative vision.

TooFab Includes Cher As One Of The Worst Dressed Stars Of The Grammys' Past!

Online Celebrity publication Toofab has included Cher's 2008 gothic gown as one of the worst Grammy Dresses of all-time:

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards will be splashing across our screens later today -- but the inevitable red carpet fails are bound to be the real show!

While the Oscars are all about going glam, the Grammys have a history of bringing out the worst in celeb stylists. Check out our picks for the most embarrassing looks of Grammys past!