Friday, February 19, 2016

TooFab Includes Cher As One Of The Worst Dressed Stars Of The Grammys' Past!

Online Celebrity publication Toofab has included Cher's 2008 gothic gown as one of the worst Grammy Dresses of all-time:

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards will be splashing across our screens later today -- but the inevitable red carpet fails are bound to be the real show!

While the Oscars are all about going glam, the Grammys have a history of bringing out the worst in celeb stylists. Check out our picks for the most embarrassing looks of Grammys past!

Poor, sweet Gwen Stefani. When Blake Shelton sees this photo of her 1997 Grammy outfit, he’ll dart back to Miranda Lambert faster than you can say, "Didn’t Doris Roberts wear that jacket on 'Everybody Loves Raymond?'"

Then there's Billy Idol's get up from 1993 ... showing up looking like Rob Zombie's version of a Village Person.

Cher’s look in 2008 was indefensible, even by her standards. Her bottom half looks like it was giftwrapped by a four-year-old, and her top looks like Joan of Arc wore it to the stake.

Gwen Stefani, Cher & More -- See The Worst Dressed Stars Of The Grammys' Past!

We’re not disputing that this is a tough competition, but in our estimation, 2012 was the worst year on record. Here are some of the most serious offenders. If you remember a worse one, let us know in the comments! We’ll grieve together.

Robyn. Who did this to you? Between the vacant expression and the white smock that belongs only in an operating chamber, Robyn’s fashion statement seems to be: Stumbling Home from My Lobotomy.

And, of course, Nicki Minaj. How did we guess, without even checking, that Versace made these robes? And was it Donatella Versace who instructed Nicki to hold it like she’d just wet herself?

Based on this photo, Bonnie McKee’s stylists are never going to find clothes that actually suit her until they just go ahead and put her in a straitjacket.


The old ditty "I’d Rather Be Blue" was written long before the Grammy Awards began, because on the evidence of these red carpet looks, no. No, we wouldn’t.

In 2009, M.I.A. went overboard with this busy dress the Sri Lankan rapper paired with a neon yellow bra and sneakers. And don't even get us started on that messy hair.

Then there's Kate Hudson in 2011. Pregnancy is beautiful. But this ill-fitting dress just looks uncomfortable and that alligator skin clutch isn't doing her any favors.

In 2002, meanwhile, Alicia Keys managed to look both as though she was trying too hard, and as though she made no effort whatsoever. What’s with the tank top? Did she jog to the Grammys that year? Why did this happen?


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