Monday, August 24, 2015

News Round-Up: PHOTOS Of Cher On The Way To Private Gig. Plus 'Mask' director Says Cher Should Have Won Oscar For Role

Cher at LAX Airport, August 2015Legendary star Cher was photographed whilst strolling through LAX airport on Sunday.

The singer-actress was at the Los Angeles airport on her way to Austria, where she'll be performing a one-off private gig,

Little is known about the concert. However, the enduring songstress revealed on social networking site Twitter that its set list will include: "'Welcome To Burlesque', 'Woman's World', 'Strong Enough', stuff like that."

Jet-set chic! Cher looked glamorous as she jet out of LAX on Sunday 

Spotty: The 69-year-old singer and actress took a walk on the wild side in a leopard print blazer, the centrepiece of her monochrome ensemble

Stylish: The Believe hitmaker also rocked billowing satin trousers as she strut her stuff in peep-toe platform heels

Finishing touches: She topped the look off with a floppy hat and concealed her eyes behind cat-eye shades

Congrats! Meanwhile, this year Cher is celebrating the 50th anniversary of her debut on the Billboard charts

Director Peter Bogdanovich: Cher Should Have Won An Oscar For 'Mask'.

Cher in 'Mask'
The director of 1985 hit drama film 'Mask', Peter Bogdanovich (with whom Cher famously feuded with on set), talked to 'The Hollywood Reporter' about the film and Cher's starring role:

"I made that picture for Dorothy Stratten because she’d been murdered, and in the 10 months I knew her I found that she was very, very interested in The Elephant Man on Broadway. She went to see this production and she was very moved by it. After she was killed I figured it out: Dorothy identified with him because of her beauty — because her beauty was as much of a source of alienation as his ugliness. They came to me with this picture called Mask. I thought it was not a very good script but it surely was an interesting story because it was a true story. And then I remember how Dorothy felt about The Elephant Man and I thought, “Well, I’ll make it for her.” [We had] a list of actresses for the role of Rusty. Ellen Burstyn and Cloris [Leachman] and Jane Fonda — anybody with a name. About two-thirds of the way through the list, there’s Cher. I said, "That’s interesting. I can see her [playing] a druggie and riding a motorcycle, and I can’t see Jane Fonda doing it. She’s too sophisticated." Cher and I didn’t get along that well. She sort of irritated me, because she had such a negative attitude. But she’s very good in the picture. I don’t think I’ve ever shot more close-ups — she’s very good in close-ups and not that good in playing the whole scene through, because she loses the thread of it. So I shot it that way, and she should have won an Oscar."


  1. Yes, she should have. However then she would most likely not won for Moonstruck in which I think her performance is superior.

  2. She should have at least been Nominated for Best Actress for Mask but sadly was not.