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20 Euphoric Cher Anthems to Make You Burst With Pride

Cher, 2015'Dance Music Space Blog' have compiled a list of "20 Euphoric Cher Anthems to Make You Burst With Pride":

Cher is a staple on the Billboard Dance Club Play Chart with more than a dozen Top Ten hits, seven of which went to #1. Here are some of the best Cher remixes from 1995-2014:

1. Walking in Memphis (Shut Up and Dance Vocal Mix) (1995)

A Marc Cohen cover and the lead European single from Cher's 1995 concept album "It's a Man's World". 

2. One by One (Junior Vasquez Radio Mix) (1996)

The first American single from "It's a Man's World".  While the original mid tempo version was a moderate hit, the Junior Vasquez remix caught fire in the dance clubs. This success inspired the head of Warner U.K. to pitch Cher on the idea of doing a back to front dance album which came to be called "Believe".

3. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (Junior's Arena Anthem)

The fourth European hit from "It's a Man's World" after "Walking in Memphis", "One by One" and "Not Enough Love in the World" and the third to be remixed.

4. Paradise is Here (Junior's Arena Anthem)

The American follow up to "One by One".  "Paradise is Here" had been previously recorded by the song's writer Paul Brady as well as by Tina Turner for her "Break Every Rule" CD.

5. Believe (Almighty Definitive Mix) (1998)

The biggest hit of Cher's career.  It spent for 23 weeks on the Dance Club Play Chart (5 of those weeks at #1) and became the #1 single of 1999.

6. Strong Enough (Pumpin' Dolls Vocal Epic Club) (1999)

This declaration of independence anthem in the vein of "Enough is Enough" and "I Will Survive" was the followup to "Believe".  Like it's predecessor, the song hit #1 on the dance charts. 

7. All or Nothing (Almighty Definitive Mix) (1999)

The third single culled from"Believe".

8. Dov'e L'Amore (Tony Moran's Anthem Mix) (1999)

This Latin pop influenced track was Cher's 4th consecutive #1 hit on the Dance Club Play chart. Tony Moran, who remixed the single, would later produce the Latin sounding "Body to Body, Heart to Heart" on "Living Proof".

9. If I Could Turn Back Time (Almighty Definitive Mix) (2000)

Cher's biggest hit of the Eighties was remixed and re-released to promote the "Do You Believe?" tour.

10. The Music's No Good Without You (Almighty 12" Mix) (2001)

The obvious inspiration for this song lyrically if not melodically is "The Music Sounds Better With You" by Stardust.  Cher worked with the "Believe" songwriter/producer team of Mark Taylor and Paul Barry on this European single.

11. Song for the Lonely (Thunderpuss Club Mix) (2002)

The first American and second European single from "Living Proof".  Released in the wake of the Sept 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Cher dedicated the song to the people of New York City.

12. Alive Again (Original Album Version) (2002)

A European single.  There are no known commercial remixes.

13. A Different Kind of Love Song (Rosabel Attitude Vocal) (2002)

The American followup to "Song for the Lonely" and a dance chart #1.  Cher promoted the track by performing it on the popular TV situation comedy "Will & Grace".

14. When the Money's Gone (Manny Lehman Vocal Mix) (2003)

This song was originally performed by a trio of solo artists: Bruce Roberts (best known as the co-songwriter of "No More Tears (Enough is Enough)"), Elton John, and Kristine W.  It was released by Cher as a double A side single with "Love One Another".

15. Love One Another (Eddie Baez Club Mix) (2003)

A cover of Amber's #1 single from 2000.  The Cher version incorporates additional lyrics.

16. You Haven't Seen the Last of Me Yet (Dave Aude Radio Edit) (2010)

The lead single from the soundtrack of the film "Burlesque".  The song was penned by Diane Warren, who also wrote "If I Could Turn Back Time", "Just Like Jesse James" and "Love and Understanding".

17. Woman's World (Mz. Poppinz Remix) (2013)

From "Closer to the Truth".  Co-written and produced by English DJ Paul Oakenfold.

18. Take It Like a Man (Paulo & Jackinsky Club Mix) (2013)

This successful follow up to "Woman's World" peaked at #2.  The video targeted the Gay market by featuring Andrew Christian underwear models and porn actors.  The title of the song itself is a sly double entendre.

19. I Walk Alone (Morlando Club Mix) (2014)

This final single release (to date) from "Closer to the Truth" was co-written by pop star P!nk. 

20. Pride (Original Album Version) (2013)

A bonus album track and obvious Pride anthem: "And we won't stop now.  This is our time.  Pride. We own, we own the night. We got pride."  There are no known official remixes.

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