Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Watch: "Mystery Caller" Cher Gets Rumbled Within 20 Seconds On 'Watch What Happens Live'. Plus 'Dressed To Kill Tour' First Leg Grosses $55-Million!

Cher on her 'Dressed To Kill Tour'
Legendary live performer Cher is “on track to become one of the most successful treks of 2014”, Billboard reports.

Last night, the music publication stated that the first leg of the 'I Walk Alone' singer's North American 'Dressed To Kill Tour' grossed “a reported $54.9 million” according to Billboard Boxscore. It further explained that, “A total of 610,812 attendees went to the 49 shows – all of which were sell-outs.”

However, the data found on Billboard's weekly Boxscore chart shows that the tour grossed slightly more than what the Billboard article reported: with 609,519 attendees and an impressive 99.85% sell-out rate (with just Nashville's 31 March stop not selling out), the 49 dates grossed $55,112,056.

The critically-acclaimed hit-packed tour – which featured special guests Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo and then Cyndi Lauper – began on 22 March and ended its first leg just days ago, on 11 July.

Billboard added that the colorful tour “is promoted by Marshall Arts USA and saw its (so far) largest gross earned by a May 25 visit to the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas ($1.75 million). The most attended show, through the July 11 engagement, was its May 10 concert at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, where 14,893 attendees were in the house.”

The news from Billboard came shortly after Pollstar revealed that Cher was the top female on both the 2014 Mid-Year Top 100 North American Tours and 2014 Mid-Year Top 100 Worldwide Tours.

The tour's second leg will begin on 11 September in Albany, with its original special guests Pat Benatar & Nick Geraldo returing for a second stint. The tour will be filmed during its 4 and 5 October stops in Toronto for an upcoming DVD release.

Moving on...

Cher was featured on last night's episode of Bravo's 'Watch What Happens Live'.

Host Andy Cohen gave guests Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa one minute to identify a mystery caller by asking him or her questions that could only be answered with “yes” or “no”.

Despite the mystery caller's voice being vastly disguised, Cooper was able to identify that it was the 'Moonstruck' actress within just twenty seconds, with Cher saying, “I was hoping that you guys wouldn't guess me”.

Cooper explained that as a youngster, he believed that Cher was his sister as his mother “always called Cher her fantasy daughter”. Meanwhile, a clearly starstruck Ripa told Cher, “I just want you to know that I still brush my teeth with the toothbrush that you used in my dressing room. I brush with it every day.” Watch below:

On the show, Cohen and Cooper joked with Cher about how they had sent a couple of photographs of themselves to her whilst they were holidaying in Italy. Cher went on to tweet, "How adorable are the AC boys. I will ask them if I may post one of the pics that they sent me from Italy! They both look handsome".

Short shares:
  • Cher's 2002 US Hot 100 hit 'Song For The Lonely' reached #3 on Armenia's iTunes Top Songs chart today.
  • Ballad 'I Hope You Find It' enjoys its 20th week on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart this week, at #25 (chart run: 24/20/22/18/17/18/20/20/20/17/17/19/19/19/19/20/21/20/20/25).
  • The P!nk-penned 'I Walk Alone' spends its 15th week on Billboard's Dance Club Songs chart this week, at #50 (chart run: 47/35/23/17/10/7/5/3/2/2/4/14/15/35/50).
  • Cher ranked #1 on VH1's '10 Times When Auto-Tuning Totally Worked'.
  • Singer-songwriter Cheryl Lynn ('Got To Be Real', 'Star Love', 'Encore') tweeted, "I love Cher, her voice is magical. My favorite song from her is 'Believe'. Do you believe in life after love."


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