Monday, July 21, 2014

I Got You Billy: Cher Continues Campaign To Free Billy The Elephant From "Pigs" At LA Zoo

Back in October 2013, Cher offered half-a-million dollars from her own pocket to get Billy the Elephant out of LA Zoo and into to a sanctuary in San Andreas.

Now, the charitable singer/actress has thought up an idea to create "new types of animal exhibits" using special effects, thus releasing animals from zoo cages.

Today, the 'I Hope You Find It' singer tweeted: "This idea won't be popular and I don't give a flying f*ck! I don't like zoos, and people who put animals in cages are animals! There's nothing cute or fun about torturing living beings in front of children. Zoos want to sell useless junk and Seaworld wants to torture for money.

Cher with "FREE BILLY" t-shirt"If children knew the reason why Billy can only rock from side to side is because people at LA Zoo are pigs and have caused him to have a breakdown! I hate them! I wish the real animals were put in cages - money is their god and bottom line their only litmus test for right and wrong. No wonder they are amoral pigs".

The 68-year-old - whom collects elephant ornaments and is currently on a break from her massively successful 'Dressed To Kill Tour' - tweeted about her fresh idea: "Special effects have come so far. We could create new types of animal exhibits and save hundreds of square miles for sanctuaries with special trains to see the animals".

For more information about helping Billy, visit

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  1. Thats a great idea. I hope it gets followed up on. Don't have any money to contribute, but sure would contribute my time