Tuesday, May 15, 2012

News Round-up: Donald Trump Has More Harsh Words For Cher and Cher Celebrates Mother's Day

Cher and Donald TrumpDonald Trump has continued to slam superstar Cher in a recent interview. On a more positive note, we catch-up on the Mother's day goings-on from Cher and her mom!

Since the last article on here about Donald Trump, he's taken to social networking site Twitter to say, "Cher should stop with the bad plastic surgery and nasty statements about good people running for office. I can't stand her computer enhanced voice or music."

Now, 'Fox News' host Greta Van Susteren interviewed guest Trump via telephone as part of the American cable news channel's 'On The Record' interview segment. The topic of his recent comments about Cher arose during the latter half of the conversation. 'Cher News' has it all here:

Van Susteren: ...You're back in a war on Twitter. You're going after Cher and also your old nemesis, Rosie O'Donnell. What's up?

Trump: Well, no, Cher said some very unflattering and nasty things about Governor Romney, and I think it was inappropriate,
what she said, frankly. And you know, I've watched her over the years. I knew her a little bit. And you know, she reminds me of Rosie with slightly more talent - not much more talent - but slightly more talent.

Van Susteren: Well, Cher said something wicked. She says if
Romney gets elected - this is on Twitter - "I don't know if I can breathe the same air as him and his right-wing, racist, homophobic, women-hating teabagger masters," to which you responded, that Cher is an average talent who's out of touch with reality. But then you threw in Rosie. I mean, you resurrected Rosie into the fight by calling her a total loser. She wasn't even in this fight with you.

TRUMP: Well, I likened her to Rosie as a loser. But I - you know, I understand Cher and Cher is somewhat of a loser. She's lonely. She's unhappy. She's very miserable. And her sound-enhanced and computer-enhanced music doesn't do it for me, believe me.

Van Susteren: Well, it seems like you get into these, these Twitter battles with these women, these...

Trump: No, with people in general.

Van Susteren: ...famous women.

Trump: Not women. In fact, usually...

VAN SUSTEREN: ...Not women...

TRUMP: ...women I prefer not because I find them much tougher than men. But actually, I do on occasion I get into battles. And I also have my great likes. I mean, I also greatly respect people.

Van Susteren: Is it fun to do these - I mean, is - actually, it's sort of like if I follow you on Twitter, it's sort of interesting to see. You guys are hammering each other back and forth, you and Cher and Rosie. I mean, you're, like -- you're going after each other pretty heavily.

Trump: Well, I don't think they're hitting me. I don't know. I haven't noticed that they're hitting me very hard. I thought it was a very unfair shot at Governor Romney. And it -- you know, it took me about one second to give it -- to put it down. And I gave it to somebody, I said, Here, put this down. So it's not like a big deal. It takes me, you know, seconds. If it took me more than seconds, I wouldn't be doing it because I wouldn't waste my time. But people certainly seem to like it because my Twitter account has millions of people watching it.

Moving along, regarding Mother's Day - which falls on the second Sunday of May in the United States - Cher tweeted to her Twitter followers, "Happy belated Mom's day! My mom came over with [Cher's sister] Georgeanne and we had a good time."

"My mom cried regarding her Mom's Day gift! She was so happy that she was shaking! I had all the songs that were ever sung by her put on an ipod. She looked at it like it were an alien", Cher continued.

Cher went on to reveal how she played her Lady Gaga duet to her mother, "I played 'The Greatest Thing' for my mom and she said 'I love the song and your voices together'."

In relation to Trump's comments, Cher tweeted, that her mother asked her, "Honey, why is Donald Trump saying horrible things about you", to which Cher simply replied, "Because he's an a--hole mom".

Cher told her 600,000 followers, "I wish you could have seen the puzzled, hurt look on my mom's face when she asked about Donald Trump! I said, 'Mom you told me to speak my heart!' "

Now, finally, with Cher's superstar status, there's always a handful of people on Twitter that seem to exist just to annoy people such as herself. Well, with Cher being Cher - the woman who famously could fire quick comebacks to husband, and co-star Sonny Bono on 'The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour' - she was quick to reply to one such offering. After Cher stated, "There are still things about Twitter that I don't know.", one user tweeted the dyslexic songstress, "I would say the first thing you don't know about Twitter is how to wrote an intelligible, complete sentence", to which Cher simply quipped, "wrote?".


  1. The funny thing is that Cher really has trashed Trump in the past and he is either denying it or did not know.Trump is one of the smarmiest people on the planet-remember him saying Obama was not born in USA? Tha's just one dumb one..The beat goes on....

  2. Trump is just the same as the other Republican idiots here in the States. Ridiculously set in the 1950's. Cher was very right that they are racist, homophobic and all the rest. Scum, the lot of them! Loving the Blog Daniel!

  3. Brilliant blog, inspired me to start my own albeit on a different subject.

  4. Don't think you should wasting your time reporting these "news", his name isn't worth being mentioned on a Cher blog IMO....