Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Is Cher's New Album Going To Have Some Old Time Rock & Roll?

Cher is to pick an "old hit" to record on her new album.

Cher is no stranger to reviving an old hit song by somebody else and turning it into her own classic - 'The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)', 'Love Hurts' and 'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore' are such examples - so it isn't hugely surprising that her record company is insisting on Cher doing the same again.

Cher revealed that her record company have asked her to "sing an old hit" for her new album. On Twitter, she wrote, "My record company wants me to sing an old hit! I'd like to do a song by a guy (like Bruce Springsteen) but a great song by a woman is wonderful!"

Now it seems that Cher is open to suggestions on what the song should be but her tweet indicates that a song originally sung by a male is her preference, with her naming Bruce Springsteen as someone who's back-catalogue she'd like to pick a song out of. It wouldn't be the first time; she put her own stamp on his 'Tougher Than The Rest' when she performed it live during her 'Heart of Stone Tour', circa 1990.

Another candidate to who's songs she may choose from is Bob Seger, who's hits 'Old Time Rock & Roll' and 'Fire Down Below' have been performed many times in multiple tours by Cher.

Now, I'm sure she wouldn't want to put a dance-spin on the "old hit" which she is yet to pick, so what was originally going to be a "hardcore dance" album is becoming more of a mixed-bag with every song she records - with at least three ballads already recorded for it and this new cover on the way, which is likely to be more rock-influenced if Cher gets her way.


  1. she should sing Gee Baby I'm sorry which was recorded by the 3 dagrees many years ago, which would make a great dance record

  2. I would personally love for Cher to record a rock or acoustic version of 'Love is a Battlefield', performed by Cher during her Vegas run. That would be amazing!

  3. This album is getting torturous for the wait. Living Proof was recorded in 2001. Here we are in 2012 and this album still is not done. It seems like Cher cuts a song or two, Tweets aouut it then nada for weeks then someting about them wanting something more. When she does lay down a track it is fast. She usually records a track all in one session so it is not like one track takes her a long time. To me, it is getting a bit crazy. After this album is out they really should let Cher record whatever she wants. Her stuff would sell and she would be happy. Cher loves old time rock and roll and her fans would be happy. Sadly Warner Bros has not uttered one word about Cher's Oct Single or new album. Oct is next month and by now they (Warners) should have had a press release with song title and release date to radio and download. Even the album should be officially named and scheduled if they are planning a Dec 2012 release. 11 years is a long time between album releases. If they wait another 11 years Cher would be 77 years old for her next album!

  4. Cher wanted to do an old time rock and roll album. Warners wanted Cher to do Dance. Cher has done a dance album but now they keep wanting her to do something different. The hold up with this project is getting rather foolish. I agree that if Cher herself was not Tweeting we would have Zero news and that is rather sad. Cher's management always has been that way. Us fans are used to NO NEWS. Warners is the same just like her website and fan clubs. Only Cher herself tries with her Tweets.

  5. She yesterday said on Twitter " I REALLY WANT TO THANK PINK FOR ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SONGS EVER! I'm extremely lucky! I don't know if I should say how much I love this CD,BUT I DO " I really think this is going to be a great CD but I'm afraid that with so many albums coming our at the same time perhaps it won't be as succesfull as it should. Let's wish her the best and help making it top selling :D

  6. I would like NEW songs and not re-recordings. I am far more interested in working with other artists like Pink and Lady Gaga... That's a lot more interesting than old Bob Seger songs !