Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Cher To Perform Two New Songs On New Tour?

Cher in concert
Cher has been speaking of touring once more!

I'm sure most of you will remember that Cher initially planned her new tour tour to start in September 2012 – yes, this month. Unfortunately, a foot injury - perhaps amongst other things – led her to postpone the tour's debut until who-knows-when.

Now, the pop icon has explained that yes, the tour will go ahead, but that it is anything other than a simple process. On Twitter, she wrote, “Yes [I will tour again] but it's not easy! Months of planning, hundreds of people, endless rehearsals! Fittings, wigs, a city on the move...”.

I hope you have your thinking caps on....

Later on, the Goddess of Pop commented on what is making her excited, although the comment may have to be analysed to be fully understood exactly what she was talking about; she tweeted, “You know what makes me do the Snoopy dance? New songs! 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me' – both versions! Two songs from new CD, 'Welcome To Burlesque' with amazing special effects!”.

It could be perceived – and it currently is being so for this article – that she is excited about “new songs” from her upcoming album along with the two versions of 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of me' which we already know will be included on the album too, whilst the rest of the tweet's content is about her tour – as it was all in the same sentence and the 'Welcome To Burlesque' “special effects” comment seems to be about the tour.

Therefore, it would mean that along with her performance of 'Welcome To Burlesque', Cher is also excited about performing “two songs from” her “new CD” on the tour. Now, if she did mean that, then that is information that had not yet been revealed as it was previously unknown how many songs from her new album would be featured in her new tour's setlist.

Add that number to the fact that she previously stated that she will also perform 'You Haven't Seeen The Last Of Me' on the tour, which was a track previously on the 'Burlesque Soundtrack' album, but will also be present on her new album, that brings the total number of songs to three, of how many songs from her new album will be performed on the new tour.

So, are three songs enough for her to perform from her new album? Plus, Did you get a different meaning from her much-confusing tweet?

More information on Cher's new album


  1. i find it odd we are in sept and warner bros still has made no official announcement with the name of her new single (or tgt w/gaga) considering it is supposedly out as a single next month. if cher sings the 2 songs from burlesque and 2 new songs from her album that is a lot of new stuff for her and will make the show different enough

  2. Cher needs an entirely new show. Throw in some odd hits like YOU BETTER SIT DOWN KIDS, TRAIN OF THOUGHT - stir it up. She can sing anything and she sounds good. The same old crap is getting tired. And no, 2 new songs from the new album is not enough.

  3. We are all hoping for new stuff and the 2 Burlesque songs plus at least 2 from her new album are a big deal. As long as she dumps ISHNFWILF and adds different other hits of hers, it will be different enough. The costumes really have to change too. She can keep the TBT outfit but that's it. The TMH outfit has stayed the same for eons... Also dump After All. We love it but she has done it enough. Also the medlys are too short. Dark Lady was reduced to one line...