Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Twitter Photo Uploads From Cher

On her way to a "fab night", Cher took a few - blurry - photos of herself in the back of her car.

Luckily for fans, due to Cher's use of social networking site Twitter, she can upload photographs of herself any time she wants to her legion of followers. Hours ago, she tweeted some of herself riding along to a night out.

Two of the photographs show Cher from her neck-upwards, whilst a third shows her from her bust-upwards. Smiling in all three - with a huge grin in the third - the snaps do not reveal much about what the 'Beleive' singer was wearing to her "fab night" ahead. However, we do get to see that she was sporting, as she almost-always does lately, her natural long black hair.

"On my way to fab night! late! The road is like a parking lot!", she tweeted, before explaining why the shots of her were so blurry; "Sorry they're so blurry, the car's bouncing all over".

A final photograph she posted onto Twitter was of something that Cher regularly shares with her followers via the social networking site. Yes, Cher posted a snapshot of her feet to her almost-900,000 followers - this time, all dressed up in fishnet stockings.

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