Tuesday, April 22, 2014

'Dressed To Kill Tour' News Round-Up: Tour To be Extended! Plus Cyndi Lauper Talks About Cher Reunion.

Cher, Cyndi LauperCher Reveals That Her 'Dressed To Kill Tour' Will Be Extended.

Global chart-topper Cher, who's currently on her North American 'Dressed To Kill Tour', cheekily took charge of long-time friend Paulette Howell's phone and Twitter account the other day to make a short series of tweets, beginning with, "I'm on Paulette's phone - she's in the kitchen with Jen and Valeska! She just came back but thinks that I'm on my phone! How teen am I? F**k, f*ck, Paul hates 'f*ck'."

One Cher fan took the opportunity to ask the singer/actress about the possibility of the tour having a second leg, tweeting, "Next leg of the tour? Hmmm?" In a reply, Cher revealed that two-dozen or so dates will make up a second leg in the future: "Just added 24 or 26 shows".

Today, another fan tweeted the 'Moonstruck' actress – back on her own Twitter account – about the second leg of her 'Dressed To Kill Tour', saying, "Well, the first leg is slated to end in San Diego in July. We know that the #DTK Tour will start up again but not sure where or when?" Cher answered, "Think end of September or beginning of November. Can't remember where? I can do them but can't remember where they are."

Cyndi Lauper On Cher: I Wanted To Be Able To Go Out Again With Her To Say Thanks.

This week, 'Time' magazine asked Cyndi Lauper for  her thoughts on fellow songstress Cher, whom she'll be touring with from 23 April to 11 July on the 67-year-old's 'Dressed To Kill Tour', replacing the tour's initial special guests Pat Benatar and Nick Giraldo.

The American publication asked, "You're going to be on tour with Cher this month. Have you performed with her before and were you a fan of hers growing up in the 1960's and 1970's?"

The 'Time After Time' singer answered, "Yes, this is my third tour with Cher, but it has been a long time – almost ten years since last we toured together. I was a fan of hers growing up. I bought her records and of course watched 'The Sonny & Cher Show' religiously. I mean, the costumes and the hair and the make-up! Come on! I'm looking forward to being on the road with her again.

"Cher has always been very supportive of me. There were times in my career when I needed her and she has been there for me, so I wanted to be able to go out again with her to say thanks."


  1. I love Cyndi Lauper and of course Pat Benetar as well. I hope after her tour she does things like variety show specials so Cher can perform with great gals like Cyndi and Pat B.

  2. On Cyndi's next album she should feature Cher on a track. I would love to hear a collaboration from those two. They are so different artistically but still very much meet in the middle. I love them both so much.

    1. TH great job on all the full albums u make available on youtube,, i hope CHER'S new album/s will be less dance music, and she gets to do differnt stuff, classic, duets, country, americans standards etc,, there r very few women like CHER n cyndi around with true real well maintained vocals

  3. More US dates then? I was hoping she would visit Europe after she finishes the first leg...