Tuesday, August 20, 2013

'Woman's World' Music Video Reactions - Fierce, Stunning, Empowering, Beautiful...

Cher in her 'Woman's World' music video
Cher's new music video for her current single 'Woman's World' was of course unleashed earlier today on UK news website dailymail.co.uk - one of the world's leading news sites. A dozen of the best reactions of fans and the public to the video have been gathered from the 'net for this article!

"Just LOVE it! They are all having fun in this video. Very good vibe. Cher's looking fierce and flawless. Now I'm curious how people will react... Let the Cher ride begin!" - Chereligious, 'The Official Cher Community'

"I think the video is unpretentious which in itself is very attractive. Cher alone in the video is larger than life. The special effects are simple but effective. I absolutely love it." - Dan Under, 'The Official Cher Fan Community'

"Thank you for featuring all types of woman including redheads, the disabled and overweight. Due to personal experience, I find that these are typically overlooked as I belong to all three categories. Brilliant idea to do the funky hair... It has got everyone talking about Cher! Way to go Cher!" - Linda Bernath, Facebook

"I thought the video is stunning... I loved the message! The song itself has a great beat... Welcome back Cher!" - The Shonya Kid, Twitter

"I absolutely love this song, it's so empowering, just makes you feel like you can do anything - and nothing and no-one can keep you down. You are amazing Cher!" - Christy Burnard, Facebook

"Oh my Cher, I love that women of all shapes, sizes, heights, ethnicity and ages are in the video! She left no woman out! Cher freakin' rocks!" - SephraLovescher, Twitter

"Absolutely beautiful! Love paper hair, cool, unique, arty, still not over-the-top, nicely done with taste! Rocking leggings! Great legs! Congratulations!" - Annarose Lowe, Facebook

"This is what Beyonce wanted 'Run The World (Girls)' to be, but unfortunately it wasn't. This 'Woman's World' video isn't overtly political - mostly its 'message' is a Gaga-esque 'justdance' - but the cumilative power of the images and the dancers is extremely effective. And let's just say on a superficial level: Cher looks and sounds simply terrific." - DBACK, 'TOWLEROAD'

"This might sound crazy but this video/song spoke to something deep inside of me. I cried and I am not sure why, but yeah! I love it and shared it over and over! Thank you Cher" - Jiia Lynnette, Facebook

"Oh my God Cher is just so amazing. I love the fact that she put all different types of women in her video to show that any woman can be strong enough to rise above!" - Amanda Zinkerman, Facebook

"Well done. This video is everything! Cher, you should be especially proud of this. Love it!" - Steven Derrick Wilber, Facebook

"I think it's an amazing video! It's been 10 years since we had a new Cher music video. This is probably one of her best thus far." - cherfan91, 'The Official Cher Fan Community'

For those that aren't as much of a fan of the 'Woman's World' video as those above, Cher says to not worry as her next music video will blow your mind! Yes, the 67-year-old pop star confirmed - in the last hour - that the next single from her new album 'Closer To The Truth' will also have a music video, and that we can expect greatness; she tweeted, "Next one will knock you into the next f**king century". But for now, lets enjoy the fun vid' for her current single 'Woman's World'.

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  1. simple but great video, i love how in 16 sec in the video her wig piece says "winner"

  2. A 7 seven month wait for this? So disappointed... Cher really needs some more creative people around her. The dance routines she usually use in her videos/performances are so oldfashion... She looks great though : )