Monday, June 10, 2013

'Woman's World' To Be Released on 18 June and Album To Be Released On 24 September!

Cher, who announced a 18 June release for new single 'Woman's World'Cher's new single 'Woman's World' will be released on 18 June and her new album will be released on 24 September!

It's all going on right now! Whilst Cher's Twitter account very-recently unveiled the cover art of her new single 'Woman's World' and revealed an 18 June performance of the song on 'The Voice' series finale, there was a NBC press release about the upcoming TV appearance - containing release dates of the single and her album!

As well as discussing Cher's 18 June performance on 'The Voice', the NBC press release goes on to say that the single will be digitally released on that date too, to coincide with the performance. It isn't yet known if physical copies of the single will be available.

Moreover, the press release about her upcoming 'The Voice' performance reveals that fans will be able to pre-order her new album on 18 June, and that it will be released on 24 September.


  1. I hope physical copies are available. In the USA, Cher CAN sell physical copies of singles. As an older act, physical sales are very VERY important. Many fans such as myself do not download much. We use satellite radio and things like Pandora and of course have our CDs. I like CD Singles for their artwork (covers) and liner notes. Since this will be Dance the CD Maxi would have re-mixes too. I hope we get a physical CD!

    1. I hope the same,, collectors item too,, not big on dowloading, not the same thing, well at least for me, fingers crossed

  2. I have been buying Cher releases for a long, long time. But I refuse to buy a digital "release"! If there will be a CD or vinyl release of the single, I will buy it in a heartbeat!

    Love this blog, BTW - just came across it today!

  3. I would hope WBR gets it and understands Cher CAN sell physical copies of her single as a CD-Single, Maxi and 12". We Cher fans love buying the physical items!