Monday, June 10, 2013

'Woman's World' Single Cover Unveiled! And Cher To Perform on 'The Voice' on 18 June!

Excitement! Cher has unveiled the cover art of the her new single 'Woman's World' and has revealed that she'll be performing the song on the 18 June finale of the current series of NBC's 'The Voice'.

Cher, the Goddess of Pop, dropped two bombshells into just one tweet in the last half-hour. As well as sharing a link to to the new cover art of her new single 'Woman's World', the multi-award-winning artist wrote, "I'll be celebrating my new single 'Woman's World' with a performance on the finale of NBC's 'The Voice' on Tuesday 6/18!"

The singles cover art shows depicts Cher wearing the large newspaper wig that features in the 'Woman's World' music video - which will soon have its premiere.

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  1. Great news to finally have a date for this!!!!! I love the new cover!