Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Official 'Woman's World' Lyrics Video A Work of Art!

Cher at 'The Voice' press room
An artistic lyrics video for Cher's new single 'Woman's World' has been added to her YouTube channel.

We may not have the 'Woman's World' music video yet (seriously, what gives?) but recently uploaded to the YouTube account of Cher (pictured at the 'The Voice' press room, right) is a surprisingly good lyrics video of 'Woman's World' - one of the better lyrics videos that you're ever likely to come across on the video-sharing site.

The actual music video for the song will surely be premiered soon - as it was shot way back in January and the single is out now! But as this lyrics video is the gold standard of lyrics videos, we can expect the music video to be the gold standard of music videos - no pressure Cher!


  1. hey Daniel, hope u r well,i've told u b4 love ur site, very informative, i usually visit Cherworld first, makes it easier to then just go to links on their tab,, but i was shocked n concerned ur blog is no longer there,i thoughted u CALLED IT A DAY, tis was right after CHER performed on The Voice,, googled u and found it n now its on my fav listing

    1. Thank you. I don't plan to go anywhere for a long time! 'Cher World' must have removed 'Cher News' out of jealousy lol - my news isn't shoddily written or copy & pasted like the majority of theirs lol.

  2. I go to Google to get Cher News (Daniel's) and sometimes only get Cher World. I prefer Daniel's Cher News!!!! Daniel has the best Cher News!

  3. is this possible?
    ranking at #48 on iTunes! “Woman’s World” is officially Pop Topper of the Week! it should be #1