Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cher To Debut New Song 'Take It Like A Man' at 'Gay Pride Weekend'?

Cher may debut a new song, 'Take It Like A Man', from her new album at the end of this month at Gay Pride Weekend in New York.

Cher is to appear at the Grand Opening of Gay Pride Weekend in New York City on 27 June. She is then to appear at the 'dance at the pier' event on 30 June. The multi-award-winning entertainer will be performing her new single 'Woman's World' plus other hits at the latter event, whilst it's unclear - to 'Cher News' at least - what will happen during her "special live appearance" at the former event.

During a conversation between fans on Twitter about the 27th June 'Grand Opening' event, one fan (@kaitybby17) wrote, "I think she will debut 'Pride' as a single at the event." Cher responded, "hmmm... or if it's possible to get ready... 'Take It Like A Man'. I'm not promising that I can do it!"

'Take It Like A Man' is a track from Cher's new album 'Closer To The Truth' that features guest vocals from Scissor Sisters-frontman Jake Shears.

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  1. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,, i live in NYC, Manhattan blocks away from where she will perform,, U KNOW I AM THERE