Monday, May 20, 2013

Good News and Bad News! Cher's New Single To Be Released Next Month! 'The Greatest Thing' Not On Her New Album

There's good news for Cher fans: Cher's single 'Woman's World' is still going to be released next month! But there's bad news for Lady gaga fans: the Cher/Gaga duet 'The Greatest Thing' is not going to be released on Cher's new album!

On Twitter, one follower wrote to Cher, "I saw you on '20/20' Saturday night with your mom and Georgia - why did you say that 'The Greatest Thing' may not be on the new album?" Cher responded, "It's a great disappointment for me. We put vocals on forever ago but the track needed to be redone and mixed but before it was finished, she decided that she didn't like it - and that's that. She did a great job but she didin't like it so, it's good, but only my friends will hear it." Not only will it not be on the album, but judging by Cher's tweet, it won't be released on anything!

One fan asked Cher to leak the song but the singer/actress replied, "I would love to but it's not right. When we want something but know it's wrong, there's only one choice, we can't have everything."

Cher has been absent from Twitter for a few days, so in a further tweet, she explained as to why she's been away from the social networking site. In the tweet, she confirmed that the reports about Russia are true, that 'Woman's World' will still be released next month and that her new album will be still released in September; "Oh! By the way, I've been spending my time between managing Mom, getting ready for Russia and ahhh... Oh Yes! My career! Single - June. CD - first week in September."

One follower then tweeted Cher about her new single, to which Cher replied, "...and where will I sing it... Hmmm..." If you're used to Cher's tweets, you'll know that that is a hint right there! But what is she hinting at... Hmmm...

(It's Cher's Birthday today - but expect that to be addressed properly later today in another 'Cher News' article!)


  1. Here in the USA nearly all singles on Billboard now feature people. Cher hardly ever does this. The Greatest Thing would have been an iconic song for Cher and Gaga so this is sad news. Sadly in today's USA music market you need collaborations. Often the collaborations make no sense but are used to get the single US airplay. A 67 year-old artist in the US market will get no radio play other than AC. The Cher-Gaga duet would have had mainstream airplay and likely a huge hit at AC. Oh well, what can we do! Thank you for the news!

  2. Its still on the line, tis would have be more ICONIC for gaga, Cher is legend in many levels, with 50 years under belt,,67 or not The world, media is waitng on this cd, it will do GREAT with or w/out gaga-Happy Bday Cher

  3. I was the concerned about Gaga' health and putting this song out. Have not seen much of Gaga since her surgery. This song will probably come out somewhere on a greatest hits.
    My concern is releasing WW after we have heard it....will radio play it...a Pink song would be great....Pink is hot now.....

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  5. We have been waiting along time for the Cher and Lady Gaga duet. It's not right to do this to the fans. Why can't the song be redone for your fans?????

  6. The whole world was looking forward to the Cher and Lady Gaga duet? What happen????????????

  7. I told U so (about duet)...Cher didn't want to tell us the truth about duet,remember all tweets about that and Red One's comment last year...And again-when I see that CD I'm gonna believe in it.We've been listening to many things since 2011.and all of them seems to be a sort of annoying marketing(an fouling fans).