Friday, May 24, 2013

Cher Threatens To Sue US Chat Show Host Wendy Williams Over Chaz Rumors

'Woman's World' singer Cher
Cher took to Twitter to threaten US Chat Show Host Wendy Williams with legal action after she helped spread false rumors about her son Chaz Bono.

A couple of Cher-Chaz rumors have been floating around in the last couple of months: one that Cher and Chaz have not been talking to one another; and one that Cher has been paying Chaz $1,000-per-pound to lose weight. Of course, they're both utter lies - and seemingly started in trash tabloid rag 'The National Enquirer' (who prints these kind of rumors about Cher and/or Chaz on an almost-weekly basis).

Wendy WilliamsIt doesn't help matters for Cher and her son when other media personnel pick up such stories as truth - and in the case of Wendy Williams, broadcast them on their television shows.

As the host of 'The Wendy Williams Show', the 48-year-old seemingly used her television show as a platform to spread the weight-loss story. A 20 May post on the Facebook page of 'The Wendy Williams Show' reads: "Beyoncé fights back at pregnancy rumors and Miguel took a nasty fall at the Billboard Music Awards. Plus, did Cher pay Chaz Bono to lose weight? Find out Today in Hot Topics [a portion of her show]."

Cher and Chaz Bono
Ever-protective mom Cher has clearly had enough: "If Wendy Williams doesn't stop lying about Chaz and me (e.g we're not getting along, so taking time out; I'm paying him 1K-a-lb to lose weight so that he's made $65,000) then I'm going to sue her ample ass and her network! I don't know who the f**k they think they are, but don't f**k with my son". Go Cher!

Other high-profile media spots such as, and have also picked up the weight-loss-payment story as truth.


  1. I'm actually surprised that Wendy Williams would not investigate something like this - she is a very big CHER fan. ALSO - not saying that Cher did do it - but financial motivation from a wealthy parent for a child isn't the worst damn thing in the world! My mother gave me many motivations financially to quit smoking and it worked - so what?

  2. Financial motivation is one of the worst things! Nobody should do anything cos he or she might get payed for it. Thats unbelievable. PS: Go Cher! Thats what i call a real good mom (not one that gives financial motivation).

  3. I am actually still in shock from this.

  4. I cant believe that Wendy Williams would say that. Cher would never do that.