Friday, April 26, 2013

Everything We Know About Cher's New Album... So Far!

Earlier this week, Cher revealed that she had finished her new album – so let's take a quick-ish look at just about everything that we know about it so far (with links galore!).

The album, which Cher labelled as "hardcore dance", will be her 25th solo album and whilst it does have a title already, we haven't been told what it is. The basic album is to include 11 to 13 songs whilst another 4 bonus songs will be attached to it somehow - perhaps on an expanded version. The album will be released in September and lead single 'Woman's World' will be released in June.

Quite a lot is known about the dance-pop 'Woman's World' - as we've all heard it! The ASCAP website revealed that it was written by Anthony Robert Crawford, Paul Mark Okenfold and a third, unknown writer. The song was leaked online late last yearto a host of positive reviews, and Cher's Record Company Warner Brothers were forced to stick the song on YouTube with just the single cover for visuals - where it notched up 100,000 views in just 27 hours. Cher plans to update the initial single cover - which was rushed-made due to the leaks - with a "new picture". An  "artistic" music video, directed by Ray Kay (Lady Gaga's 'Pokerface'), was filmed for the single in January

"If you're a fan, this will be one of your favorite Cher CDs ever!" - Cher, October 2012

Another album track that we know a lot about is her duet with Lady Gaga, 'The Greatest Thing'. Cher stated last year that she believes the Lady Gaga-penned tune will be the album's second single. Cher stated she sings the first verse, whilst Gaga sings the second and they sing the chorus together.

Another track on the album is known to be titled 'Red'. Kuk Harrell, a vocal producer on engineer on the album tweeted in August, "#RED!!!!! Wait 'til you hear it!!!! WOW!!" Cher shared some of its lyrics; "It's all around me now, Red like my heart, Red like my blood, Red on my lips, When you told me you were done"

On the album is a "strange song about vampires". Cher wouldn't reveal the track's title, but in November, said that, "It's so f**king amazing! Vampire love song! Dark, mysterious, sex, hot".

The 66-year-old hinted at what material to expect on the album in November; when asked whether its all dance or not, she responded "50/50! Kick-ass dance; sad; strange; two big ballads; two small ballads; dark and cool; total love songs; some very Cher; and some unexpected"

Cher revealed in September that Warner Brothers had requested her to cover an old hit song by another artist for the album. Whether she did or not is anybody's guess!

Lady gaga is not the only young star to have presence on the album - there are manyScissor Sisters front man Jake Shears is on at least one track; Cher tweeted, "Jake's here putting some parts down and a harmony... He sounds so cool on song." And in August last year, Cher hinted that Christina Aguilera may be on the album

Pop singer Pink wrote two songs for the album. The first is somehow both rock and dance whilst the second is a ballad. One of the tracks is called 'I Walk Alone' - most likely the ballad. Both songs - and maybe another two tracks on the album - were produced by Pink's regular producer Billy Mann. Quite early on in the album's making, R&B producer Timbaland put forward one song for it.

R&B star Jason DerĂ¼lo revealed in 2011 that he had written a song for the album; "I just wrote a song for Cher which she will be performing. It's a mid tempo club tune so I'm really excited about it."

"I promise you that you won't be disappointed!" - Cher, November 2012

The lesser-known J-Roc, Real name Jerome Harmom, confirmed to 'Weerai Music' that he would be co-producing Cher's new album. Though he is best known for producing pop, R&B and Hip-Hop, he described his new tracks with Cher as "high energy dance music".

A couple of folks who have gave Cher's music career much success have had input on the new album... Cher revealed in November 2012 that she was working with 'Believe' producer Mark Taylor on five songs on the album. And Songwriter Diane Warren ('If I Could Turn Back Time', 'Love & Understanding', 'Save Up All Your Tears') will have presence on the album as two versions of her previously-released song for Cher, 'You Haven't Seen The Last of Me', will appear on it; a dance version and another version - most likely  the original ballad version as heard on the 'Burlesque' soundtrack. Cher said the album would have, “All new songs except both versions of 'You Haven't Seen The last of Me'”.

Have I missed anything important about the album? Add it below!


  1. omg, can't wait!!!
    i really hope this album is amazing!

  2. I'm not sure, but didn't she mention something about a vampire song once??

    1. Thank you - she most certainly did! I've added it to the article!

  3. She must defently release TGT as a second single. Gaga can help Cher reach a new pic on her career.

  4. Do you remember that she also tweeted some part of a song one day", something like "last night I dreamt I was floating with you"? It seems that this is the song: (Mark Taylor is one of the writers).

  5. Also heard this is one of the new songs:
    If you note, the link says "cher warner brothers demo"

  6. Great article Daniel! What wonderful news!!!! I too hope to God that The Greatest Thing with Lady Gaga is single #2. Radio is rough for non-rap or R&B singles in the USA market. Cher with Lady Gaga CAN get USA radio airplay!

  7. I'm not sure that ''Woman's world'' would be a right choice for the first single because it's not a new one.Do you remember a speculation in her tweets about possible double cd?This is so confusing and I really want to believe that this is a final version but who knows...Red One said that duet with Lady Gaga is not gonna happen :(

    1. Watch this...Accordind to abcnews,there will be only NINE new songs on her CD.

  8. The Greatest Thing will be a beautiful song and thankfully NOT dance. Radio WILL add The Greatest Thing to playlists since it is sort of historical in the annuls of music. Both Lady Gaga and Cher have many devoted fans and both have talent. Lady Gaga was nice enough to give Cher this song and I think that shows a lot of class on Gaga's part. RedOne is a talented producer and Cher has always told us we can expect this song on her album. I am dying to hear it (and all the rest of them)!