Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cher's Soon Heading To Europe - London "To Record Last Songs" For New Album and Paris For Friend's Birthday Bash

Cher in London
On micro-blogging site Twitter, Cher revealed that she would soon be heading to Paris, France and London, England; "Life/work has been crazy. Also getting ready for trip to Paris and London!"

The legendary singer/actress answered one of her 1.3 million followers who questioned her about her upcoming trips to the two European capitals; "Paris is Birthday for Rodkin, London to record last songs!"

So, Cher will be flying to Paris for her friend Loree Rodkin's Birthday party. When? Well, I couldn't find out Rodkin's date of birth but in 2011, Cher attended a Birthday bash for Rodkin, and that was on 2 March - so expect Cher to be in Paris around that date.

Jewellry designer Rodkin recently tweeted, mentioning a Cher photo shoot and revealing that she had heard fresh songs from the 'Believe' hit-maker; "Pictures looked great from the shoot, miss you. Come play for my Birthday. LOVED the new songs that you played me"

Cher will be traveling to London to record her last batch of songs - maybe with 'Believe' producer Mark Taylor? Anyway, if Cher records the songs - which will be on her new studio album, or serve as bonus tracks somehow - in early March, then we can still cross our fingers and hope that the plan for a March release of the album is still on!

As we know, Cher was - or at least planned to be - in the record studio on 19 February, but a tweet from the 66-year-old revealed that she was also there the day after; "I heard song I did on Wednesday. It's good! Am I becoming a Cher fan? No F-ing way!"


  1. I think it's safe to assume there will be no release in March - we would have heard about it by now since it's such a big deal. I think we should probably look to a summer release at the earliest.

  2. I think it won't come out at all. I love Cher but she is Pi*sing me off with all this COMING SOON stuff.

  3. Record last songs? Isn't it supposed to be out in a few weeks?

  4. Record last songs? Isn't it supposed to be out in a few weeks?

  5. Liz Rosenburg (Cher's publicist) was recently at Fleetwood Mac interview - (see - Liz also represents Stevie Nicks) and someone asked her off camera about Cher's new album and she said (and I QUOTE) "later in the year."

    Why didn't Chernews cover that comment??

  6. I hope Warner Bros holds some of her songs for her NEXT album. Albums used to have 8-10 songs and now it seems they need 15, 17, 17... I mean I bet Cher has already recorded more than a dozen songs (at the very least). To me, they should save some to give her a headstart on a follow-up album. Either way I feel this is it for her recording. As long as we get Woman's World in March on I-Tunes and in clubs I am fine waiting for the album. The Greatest Thing should be her second single. Hopefully Warners will give us official news soon.

  7. WOW...this is among all those things she has said LG duet-august,new tour-september etc.I think that version of Woman's world is not the official one.Also i don't believi in a tour this year.Actually, i do not believe in all those announcements.Someone is gonna say:''OK,keep calm and patient...'' ,remember,she is 66,time is running.Only one thing is really annoying me-releasing dates and spectacular tweets about new songs,finished albums,stages for new tour and sorries after all.

  8. I hope she is not wearing real fur because I will drop her faster than her new album. I hope she has enough sence to wear faux fur !What is up with all the fur lately ?