Monday, February 25, 2013

Cher Rumoured To Star In 2014 Comedy Movie 'Bet and Flo'

Cher, who has been attached to upcoming film 'Bet and Flo'
A new film, 'Bet and Flo' has been added to Cher's "Actress" section on movie website 'IMDb' - 'Internet Movie Database'.

The site states that the film will be released in 2014, is currently in pre-production, and that Cher's appearance is "rumoured".

Another actor rumoured to be attached to the project is 'Cheers' and 'Frasier' actor Kelsey Grammar - who's attached to the film's character Jeff Peyton. The film's writer and producer, Gayle Dickie, recently stated, "We actually spoke to Kelsey Grammar and are very optimistic to have him come on board subject to his availability."

If she takes the role, Cher will play Bet - full name Betty Blake Montgomery. 'PRWeb News Center' reports that Bet is one of "two women in their 60's who attend their 47th high school reunion only to find out that they are still very much in love with the same guy!" The name of the "guy" is Robert, and there isn't yet an actor attached to that character according to 'IMDb'.

'PRWeb News Center' adds, "It's a very popular trend in road trip movies that take women from Iowa through Las Vegas to Los Angeles. It's a more poignant 'Thelma & Louise' meets 'Leaving Normal"

Dickie told the online publication, "I wrote this script about two women who are lifetime friends with completely different life experiences. When they decide to go on an adventure together, they find out they really don't like each other at all!"

She added, "Their friendship turns a bit snarky yet hilarious when they compete for the affection of their longtime high school heartthrob".

Other actor's on the film's IMDB page, which are all labeled as "rumoured", are David Naughton, Ed O'Ross, Maxim Roy, Larry Thomas and Terrence Stone.


  1. Cher had been offered Thelma & Louise and many many MANY films she turned down over the years. I mean everything from The War of the Roses to the Abba musical. This is a more serious role and I do hope she takes it. Watching the Oscars last night kind of made me sad that Cher never does films. Burlesque was OK but she played a Cher-like woman. I think Tea with Mussolini was her last dramatic role. I bet the production schedule is around 6 weeks since there are likely no special effects. Cher needs to be on movie screens and presenting at the Oscars next year. Imagine if Cher were nominated!!!!

    1. I agree 100%!!! I wish she could be back to the screen..although I don't know if this is Oscar material (Burlesque wasn't either)...she should make another movie with Meryl..I think she would have been perfect for Bradley Cooper's mother on silver linings playbook or something like that...not a comedy, just drama (just like Mask)..

    2. Ikr! itd b great 2 c Cher on the screen again. and we all know how much she loves doing movies but she has said its a long process. and im cool with her bring on the screen again but only if she wants 2 b. :P

  2. She needs to let her hair down and stop worring about how she looks onscreen. She needs to remake an old movie I have said it time and time again. She is not a comedian I just don't see it! Silkwood was the best so was Suspect that was great and Moonstruck. Where does she come up with this shit and by the time the movie comes out ( if anything like this album) well all be gray lol