Monday, January 07, 2013

'Woman's World' Has Half-A-Million YouTube Views!

Cher's upcoming single 'Woman's World' has been viewed 500,000 times on YouTube.

In late November, 'Cher News' reported that Cher's upcoming single 'Woman's World' had reached 100,000 views on YouTube after being on the video-sharing site for just a little more than a day.

What stood true in the 23 November article still stands true now - "Of course, a music video has been produced yet, so the YouTube video's visuals aren't overly-exciting - it consists of just the single's cover art."

Cher is scheduled to shoot the music video to the song on 19 January - and as long it doesn't spend too much time in the edit suite, we could be seeing the finished result in early February, or, if we're really really lucky, by January's end!

The single's release date is not yet known, although it is expected any time between late January to March - the latter month being when the album is expected to be released.

Back to the YouTube video: so far, the video has received 324 "dislikes" - nothing compared to the 6,667 "likes" it has also received.

Something else from the November 'Cher News' article that's still relevant: "The figures of the song on YouTube alone does not showcase the popularity of Cher's new single; the song was first debuted on the site, for streaming, where it has already tallied over 44,000 views!" Only now, it has been streamed on there over 100,000 times!


  1. Cher was the third most searched woman of 2012 on Google with almost 400 000 000 searches… How about that?

  2. This just makes me so happy.