Sunday, January 06, 2013

US TV Channel Logo Announces "Brand New" Cher-Ron Zimmerman Pilot Deal - Could Cher Be Returning To The Small Screen?

American cable television channel Logo has officially announced a new development deal with Cher and Ron Zimmerman.

During a presentation at the Television Critics Assosiation press tour yesterday, American cable television channel Logo announced that it has struck a development deal with Cher and writer Ron Zimmerman.

Whilst most of the details about the Logo-Cher-Zimmerman deal have not yet been shared, Logo's SVP of Original Programming and development, Brent Zacky, shared that Cher and Zimmerman are working together on a pilot script set in early 1960's Hollywood for the channel.

The 1960's Hollywood idea wasn't the first idea pitched by the team of Cher and Zimmerman. The network apparently passed on the original idea put forward by the pair.

Speaking highly of the material that Cher and Zimmerman have so far penned, Zacky said, "We read some of the stuff that Cher and Ron had written and it was really terrific. We came up with an idea set in Hollywood in the early sixties and we're very excited to see how we get through the process. The deal is brand-new and we're just getting started on the project."

"We're very carefully and hopefully diligently taking a few shots in the area and we'll see how it pans out. We're certainly excited to be in business with an icon like Cher and Ron, who is a terrific writer."

There's a whole lot more excitement to be had for Cher fans as Zacky stated at the presentation that is it currently unclear if Cher will appear in the 1960's Hollywood series - meaning that there's a possibility that Cher may be returning to the small screen!


  1. I would be crazed with excitement to see this! The Lauper one should be good too (starts Jan. 12th. Finally some interesting and talented people on these damned reality shows.

  2. Why would you get Cher only for her writing?!? Shes waaaay better and should be the star of any show shes in! my opinion..