Friday, November 23, 2012

Cher's Mother Georgia Battling Pneumonia

Cher and her mother Georgia Holt
Cher revealed that her mother, Georgia, has recently been battling pneumonia.

On Twitter, Cher wrote about her personal Thanksgiving celebrations; "Hey! Had dinner! Lots of family! Lots of Elijah's friends from when he was 19, Val and his wonderful son! We all watched a movie afterwards."

When one fan asked the American songstress whether she cooked or not, Cher replied, "No! I visited my mom! She had pneumonia and couldn't come to dinner (she can't be around people yet) so we brought it to her! I brought a gift".

Many fans then responded to the sad news about Georgia. On fan (@HannahKateCorkh) wrote - and I couldn't have worded it better myself, "Please tell your mom if you can that we all hope she gets better soon! And that we love her lots." Cher responded - referencing the recurring joke that Georgia wants to use Twitter, "I made the mistake of telling her that some of you wanted to tweet her! Oh my God! My life as I know it would be over! Told her no!"

She continued, "Then I said that I might let her if I was tweeting for her. She would spoil everything that I've done since my crib - I'm not talking house!"

It seems that Georgia is now on the up-and-up, and although it's unclear if we'll ever see her on Twitter, it's guaranteed that you'll be able to see her in her own Mother's Day television special in May.


  1. Georgia sure is a beautiful woman. Georgia's mom, Lynda (Cher's Grandma) died not too long ago and was around 99 so it is a good sign for Georgia and Cher!

  2. Georgia hope you get better prayers and lots of love are being sent!!!!