Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Chris Brown Tweets About Cher... For Real This Time!

Cher and Chris BrownAfter the fake anti-Cher Chris Brown tweet ordeal, the R&B singer has tweeted - this time it's actually him - about the legendary entertainer.

The 'Turn Up the Music' singer took to Twitter to write, "Cher, if this is your real Twitter [account] I would like to say that some of your fans like @CherARMY1 are spreading false accusations!"

@CherARMY1 is the account that put forward the news of the fake tweet - as genuine - to Cher, and some are pinpointing this account as the person who created the fake Chris Brown tweet snapshot. The account has since been suspended from Twitter.

Brown went on to say, "I have the utmost respect for you as an artist Cher! Just to clear this up!"

It's worth noting his follow-up tweet: "Bullying isn't just something that happens in School. Growing up and being focused is my goal!", which he may have typed in relation to these happenings.

Singer-actress Cher then tweeted about the incident.

In response to someone asking about Chris Brown, "Why isn't that animal behind bars[?]", Cher wrote - referring to a tweet she made about Brown yesterday - "I meant my tweet to bring a smile to you all. God knows I can't throw first stones."

She continued, referring also to recent happenings concerning fans forwarding false information about RedOne and 'The Greatest Thing', "I've got to say I hate this so 'n so talked sh*t about you or RedOne says no 'The Greatest Thing'! Everyone tells me not to tweet so personally, but I'm me! I'm sad about this."

A Twitter user, supposedly a Chris Brown fan, then tweeted to the 'Believe' singer, "Ya damn WH*RE Chris Brown fans hate you". Cher responded, "You know what? That's life! You're not tough enough if my words gave you breakdown!"

Afterwards, a confiused Cher responded to [a retweet] of Brown's "I have the utmost respect..." tweet, writing, "What the f**k! I didn't say any of this sh*t!"

Finally, Cher used Twitter to send a message to Brown; "Thanks Chris. I appreciate the sentiment! As an artist, I'm always impressed by you! No war! No throw 'n shade! Just peace! Going to see President tomorrow, am excited."


  1. Oh thank the lord it has all been cleared up. I feel so sorry for my darling Cher x

  2. Thanks you a lot for the post. I love Chris Brown .