Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Anti-Cher Chris Brown Tweet Is A Fake!

Over the last few hours, a snapshot of a tweet apparently written by Chris Brown about Cher has been in wide circulation. The tweet read, "that damn GRANNY b**ch CHER needs to keep her mouth SHUTTTT about her opinion against obama !!! smh she needs a beating !"

Whilst many people have believed the obviously-questionable tweet to be genuine - concluding that popular R&B singer Brown has since deleted the tweet (something he does a lot I'm led to believe) - others have debunked the anti-Cher statement.

Website 'celebritytweet.com' features all tweets made by the most notable celebrities, even if they have since been deleted on their actual Twitter accounts. Chris Brown's page on the site has no evidence of this tweet - which was said to have been typed on 2 June 2012 at 1:35 PM in the snapshot.

Unfortuneately, one fan tweeted the news of the tweet to Cher - who was on Twitter hours ago - before questioning the fake snapshot. They said, "How do you feel about Chris Brown saying he was gonna hit you?" Cher replied - seemingly having knowledge of his previous 2008 domestic violence case against then-girlfriend Rihanna at the front of her mind though it may be coincidental - "I don't know? Is that something he's particularly good at?"

Even without evidence of the tweet being fake, one has to know that Chris Brown would have to be ridiculously stupid to tweet such content considering his past - I believe for now, he wants to hold on to his career.


  1. Cher is pro Obama, so this makes no sense>

  2. Exactly he would never say anything like that. Plus I get Chris' tweets sent to my phone and this tweet was never sent. To be honest these people have absolutely no life to photoshop a tweet to start drama and to bully him. This bullying of celebs and people in general need to stop. Bullying is a problem that is taking the lives of young kids. That is not fair to go and hurt people so that you can feel better about yourself and have the attention on you.

    I feel so bad for Chris and all the bullying he has to go through. Nobody has any right to bully or verbally abuse anyone, just like nobody has the right to put their hands on anyone. To go and hate on him or bully him doesn't make you any better because at the end of the day you yourself are an abuser too which makes you not better than anyone else.

    Just because he made one mistake doesn't give people the right to bully him. When you bring that incident up your not just hurting him, but your hurting Rihanna in the process. If she can forgive and she was the "victim" everyone else should move on and forgive him and stop bullying him.

    What does bullying him and reminding him of what he did in '09 solve or prove? It doesn't prove nothing and it doesn't solve anything. I feel bad that he has to be bullied all day everyday on a mistake, just like I feel bad for those who are bullied everyday in school and online for their choice of life, mistakes, sexual orientation, appearance and their weight. Nobody has any right to do that to anyone. This goes to Celebrities that bully other Celebs, their just promoting bullying when they should be promoting ANTI-Bullying.

    1. holy shit, your compassion and reasoning follows the same train of thought of domestic violence victims. save your sympathy for the worthy; not the over-privileged non-repenting woman-beaters.

    2. no it doesn't. they don't sound anything like it. you're just another hater clearly. stfu & get a life. He made a mistake when he was 19! Lets get over it.

  3. I do comend you in publishing this and clearing his name and showing people that it was a fake tweet.

    The girl who did this was suspended from twitter.

  4. yo! Like who ever did this needs to be locked up! Cause ma man Chris Brown is such an amazing singer and is such a great role model, so don't mess wit him guys!!!!!!!

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