Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cher - Forget You Ever Saw Her On Facebook? I Think Not!

CherCher's a regular on social networking site Twitter, but the 66-year-old star took to the other hugely popular social networking site, Facebook, just hours ago.

Did you notice the vague reference to a lyric from 'Dark Lady' in this article's title? No? Okay. Anyway, in a very rare appearance on the site, Cher reached out to thousands of her fans with a status update on her official Facebook page.

She explained her absence from Facebook, "Hi! I realize that I haven't been on here forever! But I kind of got attached to twitter."

"I'm sorry I've been negligent but I do miss my friends! I will get my act together! Love you all!", she continued.

A second status update followed, where the 'Moonstruck' actress explained that she would like to keep her fans posted on both Twitter and Facebook; "I hope I have time to do both! But I promise I won't disappear because that's just rude!"

Here's some information about Cher's all-exciting new album and tour for you...

Whether you want to make sure a classic hit like 'I Found Someone' or a hidden gem such as 'Just This One Time' makes its way into Cher's new tour - there's no point in badgering the lady herself about it - nor anyone else for that matter. She's confirmed that the tour's setlist has now been finalised. She told a fan, "It's all decided! The set[list] is already done!"

When asked if new songs will be present in her upcoming concerts, Cher answered, "The tour is to promote the new CD" - hinting that she could be performing a good number of songs from her new album on the tour.

Furthermore, we would all like to know when her new album will be released. "Maybe around Christmas", Cher stated - making it unclear as to whether the tour will now go ahead with a September debut or not.

Finally - and completely unrelated to, well, anything - Cher stated just moments ago that she will be attending a screening of 'The Magic of Belle Isle', a film starring Morgan Freeman. She tweeted, "I've got to get ready - go to a screening of Morgan Freeman's new film! Love him! Also dear friend Virginia Madsen stars. Her brother was married to my sister Georgeanne"

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