Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Twitter News Round-up: Cher Discusses Fun Co-Stars, Winona Ryder, and Snaps At A Rude Gaga Fan

Winona Ryder and CherCher spent some of last night tweeting her fans. As is usually the case when Cher has a Twitter session, there is lots to talk about.

Firstly, one Cher fan (and faithful friend of 'Cher News', @eng911) asked the Academy Award-winning actress, "Who was a fun person to work with?" Cher revealed a chosen few; she listed Meryl Streep from their time on 'Silkwood'; Stanley Tucci from 'Burlesque'; Kurt Russell, who she affectionately called "Kurty", also from 'Silkwood'; and "My darling little girls" Christina Ricci and "Noni" (A common nickname for Winona Ryder), who both played Cher's daughters in 'Mermaids'. With little space to type any other names, Cher concluded that there are, "So many more!"

In complete contrast, Cher had to defend herself in her next tweet, against a Lady Gaga fan about 'The Greatest Thing'. The fan of the 'Poker Face' singer tweeted about Cher, saying, "I hate it when Cher ignores us when it comes to 'The Greatest Thing', I think it was a publicity stunt." Cher saw the tweet and replied, "F--k!! I did my vocal, It's not up to me! Think What u Want." The Lady Gaga fan then tweeted to their followers, saying "[Oh my f--king God]! Cher replied... I think I p--sed her off!" The Gaga fan, who had just rudely claimed that Cher had invented 'The Greatest Thing' for publicity, then stated, "I find it overwhelmingly annoying how she made something out of nothing. I was just stating an opinion, she can be so rude." Oh yeah, sure, Cher is the rude one! Less than fifteen minutes later, the fan concluded, "I want you to know Cher I didn't mean that in a bad way, I was just curious, I'm sorry." Don't these Lady Gaga fans realise that badgering Cher about the song isn't going to solve anything? All it does is give other Gaga fans a bad reputation.

Lastly, continuing from the first tweet mentioned, one Twitter user asked Cher, "Will Winona 'Noni' Ryder ever regain her career? [It was] One of biggest fall[s] from grace Ever", referring to Winona's 2001 infamous shoplifting arrest. Cher, who has had over forty-five years experience in show business, and has witnessed almost everything that the 'business' oversees, replied, "Heroin seems to be cooler than shoplifting." Winona's career has seemingly bounced back in recent years (or is on the way to it) and I think I speak on behalf of most Cher fans when I say that I'm glad; we've all seen how talented she is.


  1. I wonder how it would be nice to see a movie with the cast with Cher, Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci, Kurt Russell, Christina Ricci and Winona Ryder ...

    Working with Christina Aguilera and Steve Antin must have been a terrible experience for Cher.

  2. OK "The Greatest Thing" single is due out in early 2012? OK what is considered early?

  3. My guess is late April then...if we are lucky!