Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cher Tweets About Death Hoax

CherPop Icon Cher has joked about the "RIP Cher" hoax in a series of humorous tweets.

One of the many things that people love about Cher is her personality; not many celebrities in her league are as down-to-Earth as this perennially popular superstar. In spite of the fact that an incalculable amount of Twitter users believed that she had passed away, Cher remained as good-humoured on the subject as ever.

In her first tweet on the subject, Cher joked, "Well here I am tweeting from the Hereafter. It's very blue up here and thank God they gave me a view of the sea, palm trees and a Balinese house."

She further joked, "Let's tweet later because even though I'm just a spirit, I'm hungry! I'm going to have a Tostada salad! I wonder what they're serving down there?"

The witty Academy Award winner then said, "Lovelies, I'm not going anywhere until I finish this f--king album! The only 'RIP' I know how to do is "RIP IT UP!" Kick ass and take no prisoners!"

About half an hour later, Cher then tweeted, "I Just had great idea... I'm going to ask Diane [Warren] to write a song for my Album! 'RIP'."

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