Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cher's Comic Book Front Cover

The front cover to the new 'Female force' comic book, featuring CherThe front cover to Cher's 'Female Force' comic book has been revealed.

'Cher News' reported last month that Cher's life would be featured in a new comic book by 'Female Force':

"Superstar Cher will become the subject of a comic book later this year.

Fans of music legend Cher will be able to see her career documented in a comic book, as Bluewater Productions plan to make her the subject of an edition of their 'Female Force' Comic Book Series later this year.

Now, above, I can share with you the cartoon-like front cover of the 32-page comic book. It predominantly shows Cher wearing her famous body-stocking outfit, featured in her 'I Found Someone' music video, and many of her live tours. Of course, Cher also wore the outfit to the MTV VMA's last year.

Something noteworthy is that Cher has almost-always wore this outfit with black curly hair. However, the comic book cover has paired the outfit with straight black hair. This is because the head and hair has clearly been taken from Cher's 'Believe' album cover.

I personally believe it would have been better to either show Cher in the trademark body-stocking with black curly hair, or show Cher from the 'Believe' album cover. Creating a mix of the two will, I believe, annoy Cher fans.

Front-cover annoyances aside, every die-hard Cher fan will want to purchase a copy of the comic book, which is to be released in December with a sale price of $3.99. I'm currently unaware of the worldwide availability of the comic.

Darren G. Davis, publisher of Bluewater comics, spoke about the comic. He said, "We have been creating the biographies of the famous in a sequential art form for almost two years and it was only a matter of time before we got to this icon. Her life has been marked with failures and successes, but she stands boldly for herself and for her friends and we had to tell her story."

The book's writer, Mark Shipiro said that Cher's life "Reads like a comic book." He continued, "The clothes, the times, the attitudes of the decades she's lived through. The different styles of music she's been involved in. So much of what Cher has experienced has been so flamboyant, so over the top and just plain out there. She has been very much so the real life equivalent of a superhero, and writing about Cher, to a degree, has just been about letting my imagination go."

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