Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cher: Last Night Was Glorious For Me

Cher on Dancing With The Stars
Cher has expressed her thoughts after watching her son dance last night.

Cher attended the live show of "Dancing With The Stars" last night, for the first time, to watch her son Chaz Bono dance. Now she has updated her Twitter followers about her thoughts on the matter.

The multi-talented superstar opened with her enjoyment of the night. "Last night was glorious for me!", she tweeted.

She went on to say, "When Chaz first decided to make the transition, I had fear, confusion, and yes, a little sadness. But last night, I looked up at him - brave! Giving 1001 percent, and I thought, 'You are brave, strong, fearless and loving person but what's most important - you are happy!' "

Cher continued to present how proud she is of her son, "I know there are people who will never see how wonderful you are, but last night I cried from pure joy! You gave everything - you're already a winner."

Cher had already tweeted a short message not long after the show last night, displaying that she was proud of Chaz. She said, "Oh My God! I was crying! I wasn't expecting to be so nervous! I broke my bracelet from clapping! I'm so proud! Chaz was great!"


  1. These r a mother's eyes....

  2. To be honest. I cried too. As i saw how proud cher is and how much she loves chaz and how she supports him. It's just so good to see. She is really a great mother. And i wish chaz luck for his next dance but I'm sure with his talent and his mothers support he will win "Dwts" ! He looks so happy when he's dancing. And his Mother looks so happy two. But i guess cher is more nervous than chaz :D They oth together are a faboulos Team. Mother and Son. So cute to see them Together . I Love them Both. So like cher ince said " Follow this you bitches" !