Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cher Records New Heartbreaking Diane Warren Song!

Cher tweeted about a new song that she has recorded, written by longtime collaborator Diane Warren.

The 'Burlesque'-actress wrote on social networking site Twitter: "I just got home from studio. Did the title song for a project that I'm so proud of. Maybe as much as anything else. Controversial!? Hell yeah."

"Will we get to hear it soon?", asked one fan (@OGCherLovely). "Yes", Cher replied.

Cher added, "I got choked up at one point... Diane is a f--king genius."

"Are you talking about the Diane Warren?", asked a further fan (@rafcorreia). "Yup", Cher answered.

Of course, singer Cher and songwriter Diane have collaborated on a number of bona fide Cher classics, such as If I Could Turn Back Time, You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me, Just Like Jesse James and Save Up All Your Tears.

About the new recording, Cher added, "It's about deep sorrow... Has the heartbreak of You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me."

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