Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cher Updates Official Facebook Page Cover For First Time In Two Years -- Sign Of Things To Come?

Ahead of her big announcement, Cher's Official Facebook page has a new cover!

Cher fans have been eagerly waiting for the singer-actress' big October announcement, most likely being made on or around her upcoming appearance on 'The Late Late Show With James Cordon'.

Meanwhile, Cher's Official Facebook page -- which has over 2.4-million "likes" -- has been updated today, with a new Facebook cover.

The image used for the new Facebook cover photo is one shot in 2013 for Flatt Magazine, featuring a youthful-looking Cher with blonde locks and a headpiece.

The image replaces the previous one, which was uploaded way back in June 2014, and advertised her then-'Dressed To Kill Tour'.

The big October announcement is believed to be about Cher going back on tour: Cher revealed that she will be gigging -- performing concerts -- in 2017! And that the official press release for it will come in October!

Find -- and be sure to "like"(!) -- Cher's Offical Facebook Page at

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