Monday, October 17, 2016

Cher Rumour Alert! Is Emoji Queen Cher To Star In 2017 'Emojimovie'? Plus A look At Cher's Cmoji App!

August 2017 will see the release of computer-animated adventure comedy film 'Emojimovie: Express Yourself' -- And rumours have surfaced that Cher is to star, or at least cameo, in it.

Fellow Cher fan site 'Cher Brasil' stated: "Everyone already knows that Cher is the Queen Of Emojis on Twitter. What we do not know is that she may have been part of the 'Emojimovie'."

"The first "evidence" is that, out of nowhere, it was announced that Cher will participate in James Corden's programme. The following week, Sony announces that the James did the voice of one of the main characters of the film."

"The second evidence is that on October 10, there was the announcement of the participation of James, the actor who did the voice of Gene, the protagonist of the film... That day, we sent a tweet to him asking if any certain diva also made some participation. Today, almost a week later, he liked the tweet."

The rumour is not entirely new either: a little investigating on Twitter finds one user (@skatekenn) write on September 7: "I went to Google 'Is Cher in the Emoji Movie?'", whilst an 11 October tweet by another (@FatGayDragon) reads, "So like when is Cher gonna announce her cameo in the Emoji Movie"

Cher's outspokenness on twitter has been the base of hundreds of headlines about the singer-actress, with the majority of articles alluding to Cher's epic use of emojis. The star herself said that her favourite is a ghost sticking its tongue out: "That's happy. That's me dancing, when I put that on." For a while now, Cher has used a toilet emoji in place of Donald Trump's name.

Moreover, late last year, the 'The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)' singer mentioned that she was working on an app of her own set of emoji's, entitled "Cmoji" -- similar to Kim Kardashian's "Kimoji" app, which came much later:

With her set of new emojis, Cher stated (something along the lines of): "I have worked hard on Cmoji, since last year. Kim's drops tomorrow. But wait... There's room for two gorgeous diva-moji queens. I'm old school. She is what's new"

As recent as May, Cher tweeted, that she is "Working on CD, elephant rescue, Broadway musical, Cmoji, film etc".

Yes, "film"!

Last month, Cher tweeted: "Finished all my dialogue and two songs. One song is going to be remixed and remixed‼️ It's crazy fresh outer space".

Again, yes, "dialogue"! Plus two songs? 'Emojimovie' sounds like it may be a blockbuster -- and we hope that Cher is involved!"

And we cannot wait for the release of Cmoji either!

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